Reorganizing Shelves!

I had the day off today and I’m not proud to say I spent a good part of it near my computer checking Hasbro’s toy shop to see if the SDCC Exclusives would drop today. Guess what? They didn’t! Oh well… It was no big loss since the real reason I was waiting at home was for UPS to bring these beauties…


Of course, that led to some reorganizing of the only two display cases of toys that I allow in my Den-slash-Library. Still got some room to work with, which is a good thing because I’ve got a shit-ton of stuff on pre-order and I have a couple more Bishoujos and Mezco’s Cheetara sitting in my Pile of Loot at BBTS. I think I’m going to have to ship that this week.


In case you wonder what takes up the rest of the room in my Den…




And books…


And books…


And more books!

By figurefanzero

5 comments on “Reorganizing Shelves!

  1. Thanks for sharing those pics! Nice balanced set up. I’m a family man but find alot of my “toy collector” friends have rooms with shelves upon shelves and bins upon bins of plastic crack toys and not a book (fiction, nonfiction, or comic) in sight. All toys and a big-arse high def tv with an xbox hookup. Read: Ain’t ever gonna get laid! Glad to see figurefan can hang with his plastic crack mates as well as have a lady over for a cocktail if the occasion arises without her heading for the hills as it were. Good show my man.

    • Yes! I like to lure them in with delusions of normalcy. May I pour you a drink? Oh, do you enjoy reading the ancient philosophers? And then WHAM… Here’s my room full of Transformers and Doctor Who figures!!!!

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