Transformers Energon: Omega Supreme by Hasbro

This month Hasbro is redefining what it means to be a big Transformer with the release of the new Titan Class Metroplex. And while some have the big guy in hand already, I still have another week to wait for mine. But that’s ok, because it allows some of the big bots in my collection to enjoy their status until Metroplex arrives and knocks them down a few pegs. A bunch of weeks ago I featured Cybertron Metroplex so today let’s take a look at Energon Omega Supreme. Not only is he a big figure, but he’s also a Headmaster too! This guy was a major pain in the ass to shoot because my regular staging area can barely handle 1:6 scale figures, so I had to cobble together a new backdrop with posterboard, scotch tape and alcohol-fueled determination. I’m also running on no sleep today, so apologies if today’s feature seems shoddy and rushed. There’s no package shot, so let’s jump right into his alt mode.


Omega actually has two alt modes: A battleship and some kind of train with a giant claw on it. At least, I think I remember it being referred to as a train. I’d prefer to just think of it as a truck because if it’s a train, there aren’t going to be too many places where Omega’s two halves can rendezvous and hook up. Honestly, the battleship is by far my favorite of the two, because I have no idea what Hasbro was going for with the other one. If you want to you can string them together to make one long nonsensical vehicle, but I prefer not to because it would require an even bigger staging area than the makeshift one I’m using now.



The battleship is probably not the most exciting toy around, but I do dig it a log. It had four rotating turrets and one of them fires off two missiles. There’s also a command tower that can transform to accommodate Omega’s Headmaster as a command module. The battleship has tiny wheels so it can roll along, but I prefer to think of this thing as a spaceship along the same lines as Space Battleship Yamato. There’s not a lot more to say about this half of Omega, so let’s check out his train… crane… truck… thingy.



I shouldn’t be too hard on this half of Omega because it’s probably the more exciting toy of the two. I think the front half of it looks great. It’s part bullet train and it has that imaginative vibe to it that Energon and Cybertron were great for producing in their vehicles. It’s hinged in the middle and the claw on the back can rotate, raise and lower and extend outward. There’s a transparent canopy on the back which can open. I’m pretty sure there’s some special way the Headmaster can go in there, but I can’t remember how. That’s all I’ve got on the train half, let’s slap these things together and in the words of Hasbro themselves… BUILD GIANT ROBOT!!!!


Omega certainly has a unique transformation among Transformers. Each vehicle basically becomes half of the robot, each with one arm and one leg, and then you stick them together. There’s very little transforming to do for the train half, whereas the battleship half needs a little more fiddling. Once you have the two halves together, you transform the Headmaster and you’ve got yourself Omega Supreme in all his patchwork glory.



Honestly, when I look at this figure, I have no idea why I love it as much as I do. He’s kind of a cobbled together mess and his color scheme is all over the place. Nonetheless, I do indeed love him. I think the homage works pretty well, and there are just enough cool and thoughtful little things about his design that make me forget about the bad. The turrets on his shoulder, for example, are well placed as is the extra one on his left arm. I love the way he can still extend the crane arm out to reach out and crush Decepticons. There’s also just something so satisfying about playing around with his ridiculously strong ratcheting joints.



Before wrapping up, I’d be remiss if we didn’t look at the Headmaster. As I recall, this was one of the most exciting things about this figure for me when he was released. I always loved the Headmaster gimmick and doing it on a figure this big offers lots of opportunities. The robot mode is quite good for what it is, but like most Headmaster’s it’s just a matter of taking a robot with a face on his back and folding him into a ball. This guy has a flip down shield to hide Omega’s face and make it look more like a backpack.



Omega was repainted and released as Omega Sentinel. Naturally, I had to have him too, but he was sold off a year or so ago during one of my desperate struggles to make more room. That version had a more uniform paint scheme which didn’t serve the Omega homage all that well, but made for an all-around more attractive figure. Energon Omega was also retooled, repainted, and re-released this year as the Year of the Snake Edition and it is in every way superior to this original release. The only reason I haven’t picked that one up yet is because I have so much on my plate right now, but maybe next year if he’s still around I’ll scoop him up and retire this Energon version.

4 comments on “Transformers Energon: Omega Supreme by Hasbro

  1. I would like the Year of the Snake version as well. But like yourself, too much on the plate! I just got Fort Max, I don’t think I’ll be “allowed” to bring another big one into the house for a while.

    • Yeah, I really wanted to swing Fort Max but I couldn’t do it. I had the Car Robots 2000 version and had to let it go to make up some room. If I could only have one big’un it would still be Max though… great choice!

      • I always wanted him and I wasn’t going to complain about it being “just” an Encore.

        Now however I doubt I will be “allowed” to buy Metro either. But it had to be Fort Max over Metro anyway. I still like my G1 Metro.

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