GI JOE: Crimson Guard (Cobra Elite Trooper) by Sideshow Toys, Part 2

And I’m back to wrap up my look at Sideshow’s take on the Crimson Guard. Last time we looked at the amazing packaging and the figure. Today we’re going to start digging in on the extras.


First off, you get a figure stand with the Cobra logo on the base and there are no big surprises here. It isn’t personalized to the Crimson Guard figure, so I’m guessing Sideshow is recycling this stand for other Cobra figures. The stand uses the standard wire crotch support that we’ve all seen before for figures in this scale. The prongs on this one are a little wide for my liking. It comes disassembled with the post under the base, and it was an absolute bitch to get the two pieces separated. I seriously thought I was going to break it in the process.





Moving on to the guns, we’ll start small and work our way up. First off, you get an automatic pistol that fits very snugly into the holster on the figure’s left leg. The pistol features working action on the receiver and a removable clip with the exposed bullet painted so you can clearly see it ready to chamber when the clip is loaded and the receiver is open. I love that! The pistol is a bit light compared to some of my other sixth-scale firearms, but it’s executed incredibly well. But pistols will only get you so far when you have an entire force of meddling Joes coming at you, so you need something with a little more killing power. And for that, we look to the sub machine gun…





Yes, the SMG. When the shit hits the fan and you need to spray and pray, no Crimson Guard would be complete without this trusty weapon. Once again, Sideshow did a really nice job with it. It has a folding stock and a shoulder strap with a working clip. There’s a detachable suppressor tube for the barrel and, of course, a removable magazine with a detailed and painted bullet at the top. You can even slide-adjust the scope on it! As much as I admire the work Sideshow put in on this piece, I’ll confess that I don’t think I’ll display it a lot. It’s one ugly piece of killing hardware and I tend to like my guns to have a little more traditional style to them. I seem to recall the Crimson Guard having a more traditional and iconic style of weapon…




Aw, yeah… that’s better! The Siegie FAL rifle! This baby is close to what I remember my little Crimson Guard’s coming with so it’ll always be the iconic weapon of choice for these guys. The rifle includes a removable box magazine and a removable bayonet. The only problem with the bayonet is that it is delicate and once it’s attached it’s on there pretty good. I doubt I’ll ever risk removing it. Not that I’d want to. When you fire off that last round and the Joes are still coming at you it’s time to go hand-to-hand, and at that moment, your bayonet is your best friend.


Of course, when you’ve got this many guns, you need to carry a lot of ammunition, so the Crimson Guard comes with his trusty and familiar backpack. I was really skeptical about how this thing was going to look. Not so much the backpack itself, but all the straps that hold it on. The original figures had the luxury of having backpacks that just pegged into the back. But in a more realistic sixth-scale figure, wouldn’t the straps wreck the look of the figure? Nope, because Sideshow made it so that the straps are almost all concealed. Remember that magnetic front flap on the uniform? Well, here’s where it really comes into play.



You simply peel off the magnetic front flap. The straps pass through the epaulets in the shoulders and snap across his chest in two places. Then you just reattach the front flap and you’re good to go! I love the engineering of this.


The backpack is sculpted in hard plastic with a Cobra emblem embossed on it. It opens up in the middle to reveal a whole supply of destructive goodies. You get two extra clips for the pistol, two extra clips for the SMG, and two grenades. Everything clips into a specific place.



The final piece of gear is a magnetic grenade. It has a real magnet, so you can stick it on his waist for storage and easy access. When the shit hits the fan the Crimson Guard can just toss it at a VAMP or MOBOT and all his Joe troubles are history. It’s nothing special, but a cool little extra nonetheless.


Virtually all my 1:6 scale figure experience has been with either Takara or Hot Toys so I had no idea what to expect from this guy. Needless to say I’m extremely pleased with how he turned out and I think he was well worth the $140. Sideshow really nailed the outfit, the poseability is a welcome treat when compared to some of the more restrictive Hot Toys figures and the array of weapons is superb. It’s good to know this guy will be guarding my shelf until Cobra Commander arrives at the end of this year.

2 comments on “GI JOE: Crimson Guard (Cobra Elite Trooper) by Sideshow Toys, Part 2

  1. WOW. Just stunning. No kidding. There’s so much detail…in that closeup of the holster, you can easily use your imagination to pretend that’s a full-size costume.

    And the removable bullet clips and backpack storage? Insanely cool.

    As an aside, I’ve always used the 25th Anniversary Crimson Guard as a stand-in for myself, on my Record Store Tales! I love the uniform!

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