Mordles: Commander Zogg and the Rampaging Storm by Toyfinity

It’s Pub Night, as some of my friends are taking me out for my birthday since I’ll be working all weekend. Boo! Anywho, before I go out to get blitzed, I’m just stopping in today to take a quick look at another batch of Mordles from John Kent and Toyfinity. If you’re out of the loop on these curious little fellars, you can get up to speed by checking out the last Mordles feature.


The new batches of these horrible little creatures consist of the Solar Storm Edition (pink) and the Rampaging Edition (green), which we’re looking at today. Just like last time, they come bagged with an illustrated, stapled card on top. I expected it to be the same card, but no, not only is it colored green to match the Mordles within, but you get a very cool new narrative of Mordles history specific to the infamous Mordle Commander Zogg and his Rampaging Storm. What an awesome surprise!


This batch consists of the same ten great molds as last time, cast in a new green and purple color palette. I can’t get over how much personality these little guys have. It’s hard to believe you can sculpt this much malevolence into such a little figure. I’m still quite fond of the yellow originals, but I couldn’t resist a set of these in green. I think the colors will mix well with the yellows and there’s just enough room in my Manglor egg to keep them all inside.




Oh yeah, and last time I said I couldn’t decide on one as my favorite, but I have since decided it’s this one…


Behold… The Grumpy Cat of the Mordle world.


There was also a very cool bonus Mordle running around loose in the mailer. This one is orange with green accents. I sense something different about him and I think it wise to keep him quarantined from the rest of the brood. He just looks like trouble.




This evil brood, along with the other editions, are available at Toyfinity for twelve bucks a batch plus shipping, and for that you really can’t go wrong. They also have a new glow-in-the-dark Manglor egg up for sale as well, which is a must for keeping your packs of unruly Mordles locked away thus preventing the rotten little buggers from killing you in your sleep. I know, I’ll be going back soon for the Crawler Edition and I’ll be needing a new Egg to store them.


Kneel before Zogg!!! …C’mon, you had to know it was coming.

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