Marvel Legends: Thunderbolts (2013 SDCC Exclusive) by Hasbro, Part 3

And we are on our final leg of the Thunderbolts Trifecta today, folks. Let’s put this baby to bed with a look at the last two figures in the set: Moonstone and Crossbones. Ladies first!



We can get through Moonstone pretty quickly because we’ve seen a lot of her before. Yes, here’s an example of how the folks at Hasbro can be real wizards of recycling when they want to be. Moonstone not only shares the same body as Satana, but she’s got the same face sculpt too. Nonetheless, the new pearlescent plastic bodysuit and a newly sculpted blonde hair piece, along with some other tweaks, and this figure totally succeeds on her own.


I absolutely adore the color plastic used for her and the gold paint apps look striking, right down to the Thunderbolts tramp stamp above her shapely hinder. All the nice things I said about this female buck yesterday apply here and I won’t bother going on about the articulation again because it’s all the same. She’s a really solid figure with great joints that just beg to be played with. There are no weak and flimsy leg hinges and the inclusion of the swivel bicep on a female figure is always a very welcome treat. But it shouldn’t be. It should be standard. Once again, I love this new body and I hope to see more of it in the future.




The face used for Moonstone is just as beautiful as it was on Satana. The new hair coupled with the less-satanic looking makeup and the painted silver mask work wonderfully for the character.  Hasbro also swapped out Satana’s oogity-boogity hands with a pair of more sensible punching fists. That’s about all I’ve got to say about her, but don’t take my brevity as anything other than a ringing endorsement for this figure.



Next up, we have Crossbones. Have I called Hasbro Wizards of Recycling yet? Well, it applies here too. What we’re getting here is a repaint and minor re-sculpt of their last Crossbones figure. The one released before Legends went away. I’m very happy to see this guy in the set because the last time he was released I had already signed off on Hasbro’s Legends line on account of most of them sucked ass. Yes, that was true, but it also resulted in me missing out on some decent figures along the way and Crossbones was one of those good ones. The sculpting on this guy is exceptionally good, particularly the hair and veins on his beefy arms and the detail on his vest. I absolutely love his combat knife. Too bad it doesn’t come out of the sheath. Anyway, apart from less paint wash and a few minor variations, the big change here is the giant crossed bones painted on his vest and the Thunderbolts logo. I approve.



Crossbones sports a healthy amount of articulation for such a big guy. The head is ball jointed and includes the extra hinge. His arms are ball jointed at the shoulders, hinged at the elbows, and have swivels at the biceps. He also has swivels in his forearms, which is handy for getting him to grip his weapon. His legs are ball jointed at the hips, double hinged at the knees and have swivels in the thighs. His ankles are hinged and he has hinges in the middle of his feet. I suspect there’s a ab crunch hinge under that vest of his, but it doesn’t offer a lot of movement. He can also swivel at the waist.




But wait… the recycling isn’t done yet. Hasbro dipped into the GI Joe: Sigma Six line to provide Crossbones with a very cool chaingun. This massive piece of ordinance features an ammo belt that clips in and a windup feature that spins the barrel. I knew this was coming as part of the set, but I wasn’t entirely convinced it would work. Now that it’s in hand, I’ll concede that it fits in pretty well with the figure and Crossbones looks absolutely bitchin’ while wielding it. I’m more than a little surprised he can stand with it. The inclusion of the machine gun is another great thing about this set. There’s just no way we could have gotten a Crossbones with that weapon in any other format.


And that’s the final two figures in the set. Moonstone is likely to be one of the figures that pisses off fans because of her exclusivity. I know I’ve been anxious to get the character on my shelf for a while so she’s another reason why I needed to buy this set. She may have been better suited to a retail release. As for Crossbones, the original release has really gone up in price on the second-hand market, so he alone was very nearly worth the price of admission.


So, speaking of price… The Thunderbolts set was $89.99 but it was a smidge over $100 by the time I got done with S&H from HTS. That works out to be $20 a figure and I think that’s a pretty good deal for five exclusive and, in at least a couple of cases, very niche characters. I know I’ve paid that a couple times for regular retail Marvel Legends releases just because the distribution is so shitty in my area. So, yeah… I have no complaints, other than the box being too fragile and inconvenient for me to bother keeping. The only other Hasbro con exclusive that I wanted was the Deadpool Corps Taco Truck, but I’m not willing to pay a premium for it, so I’m willing to let that one go.

One comment on “Marvel Legends: Thunderbolts (2013 SDCC Exclusive) by Hasbro, Part 3

  1. That was so funny seeing Crossbone’s gun. I took one look and thought it must be a Sigma 6 gun. You have to be a pretty big Marvel figure to pull off using a gun from the way bigger GI Joe line. Looks good. Moonstone looks good too.

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