Masters of the Universe Classics: Rattlor by Mattel

So last month when I bought Castaspella I also tossed in Rattlor. In my warped mind, buying another figure helped to assuage the cost of shipping, even though it meant spending an extra $27. Yes, I could probably use some counseling, I’m aware. But Rattlor intrigued me and he does tend to be a bit pricey on the secondary market so “why not?” said I. I finally got around to opening him the other day and I’ve gotta say, he is one of the coolest MOTUC figures on my shelf. Hot damn… let’s take a look at this magnificent snakey bastard!


Oh, green bricks of Greyskull… will I ever tire of seeing you? No, no I won’t. Rattlor comes on the standard MOTUC card with a big “Snake Men” sticker on the bubble to designate his faction. I know absolutely nothing about the Snake Men in Masters lore, other than they are the minions of King Hssss and that I will have to buy more of these, because…


When I flip over the card I can see how many I missed out on. I have no interest in Snake Man-At-Arms and I don’t know why Hurricane Hordak is on there, but the others I’m going to have to hunt down at some point. Oh wait, I just read the bio… I guess Rattlor got demoted and went to work for Hordak. That’s cool. You win this round, Matty.



Ok, so out of the package and Rattlor is simply amazing. The combination of sculpt and paintwork on this guy just grabs me with both hands and kisses me full on the mouth. I mean, he’s totally gorgeous. T4H took the MOTUC buck and gave it the full snake treatment with individually sculpted scales and a long tail that actually does rattle. All the sculpted texture on this guy is stunning. I also love Rattlor’s proportions. He looks so majestic just standing there on the shelf.


And yet as amazing as the sculpt here is, it’s the light tan and blue striping that really makes this figure pop for me. Even the neon green snake on his belt contributes to the wow factor of this figure’s coloring. The only possible thing I can say against Rattlor’s coloring is that Mattel left the pins and hinges in his joints blue in some inappropriate places, particularly the shoulders and elbows. But even that isn’t enough to besmirch this figure in my eyes.



I also really dig Rattlor’s head sculpt. His mouth is perpetually open and showing off his fangs. Yeah, his fangs are rather dull, but I’m guessing that might be for safety reasons. The paint here is also really impressive, particularly inside the mouth where it looks all pink and wet and disgusting.



Rattlor also comes with an extra neck piece so that you can extend his neck. It’s as easy as popping off his head, putting on the neck piece and popping his head back on top. It looks pretty good and gives the figure a far more imposing look. I’m rather torn on whether or not to make use of this option when displaying him. For now, I think I’ll just go with regular neck Rattlor.



Besides the extra neck piece, Rattlor comes with a snake staff, which is an impressive accessory all on its own. I’m no expert on Eternian Snake Man customs, but isn’t this kind of like a regular dude carrying around a staff with a little human hanging off it? Anyway, it’s one of the larger accessories I’ve seen in this line and he can hold it comfortably in either hand, or wield it in both. The coloring on the snake matches the base color of Rattlor himself, and the staff is painted copper.


Rattlor features most of the standard MOTUC male articulation. That includes ball joints in the neck, shoulders, and hips. The arms feature swivels in the biceps and wrists as well as hinged elbows. The legs feature hinged knees and ankles. He can also swivel at the waist and he has an ab-crunch hinge in the torso. The tail has a swivel cut and is a little bendy at the end.


One of my favorite things about the MOTUC line is that I can get a figure based on a character I know nothing about and still absolutely love it. It’s happened plenty of times before with the likes of Chief Carnevous and Optikk, and it’s definitely true with Rattlor here. I picked this guy up on a whim and he turned out to be one of my current favorite Masters figures standing on my shelf. In the world of Eternia, it’s not easy to stand out, but Rattlor does it and he does it with style. I guess this means that I’ll have to hunt down some of the other Snake Men now.

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