I screwed up!

So, apparently this weekend while I was laying out and uploading the week’s features, I accidently scheduled today’s Batman piece for yesterday. So, if you didn’t bother checking here on Sunday, you’ve still got something new to read if you scroll down a bit. If you did stop by here Sunday, then you got a free trip to the future to read today’s feature a day early. The “Happy Monday” in the opening paragraph should have tipped you off. I blame this mishap on a combination of whatever virus it is that’s been dogging me for the last week and the copious amounts of alcohol I’m using to try to knock it out of me.

So tomorrow things should be back to normal. In the meantime, I’m taking a sick day to huddle under a comforter, do Nyquil shots, wipe snot on my cat, and spend some quality time with an old friend…


See ya later, Space Cowboys…

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