Galaxy Squad: Crater Creeper (#70706) by Lego

It’s been about four months since I’ve built a Lego set, and I’ve been jonesing something fierce. Yesterday, I stopped by Target to get provisions for the weekend and decided to pay their expansive Lego aisles a visit. I was thinking about another Lone Ranger set, but I’m still holding out for those to go clearance since the movie flopped so badly. So, instead I came home with another Galaxy Squad set. I’ve built two of these already and the series has treated me pretty well, so today I’m building The Crater Creeper.


I’m still digging the artwork on this series. Obviously, the focus here is on bulking up the alien forces, which works well for me because I already have the Swarm Interceptor and I need something substantial for it to fight. The front panel of the box shows one of the Galaxy Squad members going up against the giant Crater Creeper in a tiny little attack sled. Wow, that guy’s got balls! I like balls.


The back panel shows some of the action features of the completed set. It also shows our little friend getting his attack sled grabbed by the Crater Creeper’s jaws. Does this faze him? Nope, he just jumps out of his ship, climbs onto the hood of the Creeper and proceeds to shoot the pilot in the face with his pistol. Holy shit, this guy is hardcore! I think I’ll name him Spunky McBalls.


Open up the box and you get four unnumbered bags containing 171 pieces, a very small instruction sticker sheet, a box with a rubber band in it, and a beefy instruction book. This is a middle of the road sized set and falls right in between the two other Galaxy Squad sets I have already built. When you’re all done you’ve built the Crater Creeper, The Attack Sled, and two minifigs. TO THE MINIFIGS!!!




There’s nothing groundbreaking here. You basically get Spunky and a Bug Guy. Spunky is a cool little figure in a space suit. He has a helmet with a clear visor and two printed faces, one with an oxygen mask and one without. I like his unshaven face. I like to think he got all liquored up at the base camp and just decided to steal an Attack Sled and attack the Bugs all on his own in a drunken rage while screaming obscenities. His space suit is green, which is at odds with the blue suit worn by the Swarm Interceptor pilot. Either he’s in a different branch of the Galaxy Squad military or these guys just wear whatever the hell they want to work. The Bug Guy is cool, but he’s the same minifig that came with the Space Swarmer.


The one-man Attack Sled is a pretty cool little vehicle. I’m on record stating that I’m not often a fan of the little Lego ships, but the design of this one actually shows some imagination, and with two flick fire missiles and two guns mounted on the front, it can probably pack an impressive punch for such a little craft. Ah, but this is not why we bought tickets to the show. The main event is…


The Crater Creeper! And it is rather glorious. It looks like a giant mechanical ant, with a seat for the pilot, two flick fire missiles, and grabbing mandibles that are powered by a rubber band. I love the neon green and burgundy deco on these Bug vehicles, and the clear shell on the back with the translucent sticker works really well. The pilot’s gun can clip into the back under the shell, which may not be a convenient place to keep it, but it does add some aft defenses!


Builders will either be pleased or disappointed that the legs are each just one big piece. I was surprised. Building the same leg six times over out of tiny pieces can get tedious and redundant, but I know some people like the added challenge and build time. On the downside, this vehicle doesn’t feature a lot of articulation. The front and back sets of legs are just static, whereas the middle legs are only hinged where they join the body. Still, what the vehicle lacks in articulation it makes up for in stability.


This set was $20, which seems about right for the piece count, and it was a fun build, albeit relatively quick and straight forward. I’d actually recommend it for a starter set in this series, as it gives you a pretty good idea what Galaxy Squad is all about. It also makes a very nice companion set to the Swarm Interceptor, if you don’t mind your ship attacking ground targets. Above all, it felt really good to build a Lego set again after so long and it’s definitely primed the pump and made me want to pick up one of the bigger Galaxy Squad sets in the next week or so.

5 comments on “Galaxy Squad: Crater Creeper (#70706) by Lego

  1. I had a lot of Lego 5 years ago, and I still like seeing those little pieces in baggies. I wonder if those legs are from Bionicle sets?

    I like the new pistols. Never seen those before either.

    • Yeah, I get a Bionical vibe off the legs too. Not sure if it’s the same parts, but knowing Lego it could be! I’m pretty sure both the human and alien pistols were used in the Alien Conquest line. Always meant to pick up a few more of those sets before Lego retired them.

  2. So far, I’ve bought/built three of the swarmers and the Eradicator Mech (give the swarmers something to gang up on).

    Since getting into Legos earlier this year, I’ve been rather amused at seeing how certain pieces are reused/recolored. Almost bought the Creeper a few weeks back, but then saw the Mech and decided to get that instead, though twice the price.

      • Definitely worthwhile…especially for the shuttle that detaches, and the ‘mech being able to “transform” a bit depending on its “mode.”

        I’m not a huge fan of some of these larger sets involving a “medium” build with a couple of smaller things (the TMNT Baxter’s Robot Rampage being one example, or the TMNT street chase); but I actually liked the smaller stuff with this one.

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