Marvel Legends: Protector by Hasbro

Yes, it’s time for more Marvel Legends! So as some of you noted, I skipped over most of the Hit Monkey wave to get to the Rocket Raccoon Wave. It’s partly because I didn’t see any good deals on a full set like I did with the more recent one. It’s also partly because I wasn’t as keen on the character selection for this wave. In fact, I found the variants to be more interesting than the stock figures, and we all know that Hasbro has been dropping the ball on these running change variants to the point where I honestly don’t even know why they bother. I know the red Deadpool and a couple others have begun turning up in European and Australian markets, but Hasbro has all but admitted that many of the other variants have yet to be even produced. I can’t tell you how much this pisses me off, but I’ll save that rage to fuel my binge drinking this weekend. Anyway, I looked at Ultimates Cap from this wave a while back, but I only now managed to pick up the three figures in this wave that have the parts to build Hit Monkey. Today we’re looking at Protector. This should go pretty quick.



There’s the packaging. Oh, look, it’s one of those variant cards. Protector shares his with Iron Fist, which means there is absolutely no mention of who this guy is on the package… anywhere. Warriors of the Mind? Oooook!  Hasbro, you can probably get away with that with some characters, but I’m not sure that Protector is one of them. It’s also becoming increasingly annoying when you seem to have so little interest in actually producing and distributing these variants and when the common one is usually the lesser desired of the two. And look, it’s Iron Fist that’s on the back of the card, not Protector. JESUS, HASBRO!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US???  Oh wait, I already did that rant a few seconds ago. Suffice it to say, I would have rather had Iron Fist. Moving on…



The new Marvel Legends hasn’t been afraid to deliver on the black & white character costumes. First we had Future Foundation Spidey, next we had Fantomex, and now Protector. No matter how I spread these guys out on the shelf, they look like they’re supposed to be some kind of color-deficient Team Up. But color (or lack thereof) is not the only thing these guys have in common. Hasbro, if you’re going to do three figures with a deco this close, you may want to avoid reusing parts between them because it really makes it obvious. Protector uses Fantomex’s belt and holster rig as well as his pistols. He also uses Spidey’s legs and upper arms, and what appears to be a resculpt of his torso. Hell, Protector also share’s Fantomex’s hands, including the unfortunate left hand that can’t hold his gun for shit.


The portrait is pretty good, although not one of the better ones the new Legends line has turned out. True, there’s only so much you can do with half a face. For a moment, I thought it might be a re-sculpt of Legends Yellow Jacket, but when I compared the two figures that hunch didn’t pan out.




That’s not to say the figure is necessarily bad. I do actually dig him and since he shares so much with the Spider-Man figure, he does sport the same excellent articulation, right down to the shoulder crunches. That makes Protector a very fun figure to fiddle with and pose. Had Hasbro given him a better set of pistols and a better left hand, he’s actually rate a lot higher with me.


In addition to the recycled pistols, now cast in black, Protector comes with Hit Monkey’s head and weapons. We’ll get to those when I open the last figure and I actually build him.


Of the three figures in this wave with the BAF parts, Protector is the one that interested me the most, mainly because he’s turned up in my reading the most. I dig the Kree and I dig Time Travel stories, and so Noh-Varr carries the day. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be my favorite figure in this assortment. Truth be told, I can’t say as I had a burning desire to have Protector on my Legends shelf, and the execution of the figure is decent enough, but marred by some obvious and in some cases unfortunate recycling of parts. Still, god knows, I had to buy a lot worse to get a build a figure part in the past. That having been said, if it weren’t for the included monkey bits, I’m not sure I would have bothered to hunt him down like I had to.

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