Transformers Generations: Hoist (IDW Comic Pack) by Hasbro

If Hasbro’s initial four figure wave of IDW inspired Transformers wasn’t enough, they quickly followed suit with two additional figures: Hoist and Thundercracker. I believe these were part of a revision wave, but since I seldom by Transformers by the case, son’t quote me on that. Today we’re going to check out Hoist, because like his buddy Trailcutter, he’s a character that is long overdue for getting the updated Classics style treatment. I’ve got a long day of work today, so I’ll try to be brief…


The figure comes carded in the same glorious Comic Pack style as the previous four figures. Hoist in packaged in his robot mode against the backdrop of a reprint comic spotlighting the character. I can never get enough of this package and the comic is such a fantastic bonus. If Hasbro would just toss in a tray of Lunchables and a juicebox, I’d be all set for my afternoon. I blame my partial dyslexia on the fact that I’m never sure whether I’m 41 or 14.


Of all the comics bundled with these packs, this one has been my favorite. “The Waiting Game” takes place during More Than Meets the Eye and features Hoist, Sunstreaker, Swerve, and Perceptor in a downed shuttle getting attacked by what they believe to be Tarn. It’s written by James Roberts, but it has all the great snarky dialogue and humor of Nick Roche’s usual masterpieces. The art is great and it has some decent action. It also has the distinction of allowing Hoist to describe himself to us in his own words: “I’m just an ordinary person. I’m normal” and then he goes on to point out that he’s the only one on The Lost Light who’s personality isn’t defined by a “crippling psychological disorder.” Great stuff.




Kicking it off with Hoist’s alt mode, he pays homage to his G1 namesake by taking on the guise of a green tow truck with hazard stripes on the doors. Naturally the original Hoist toy was a modified version of Trailbreaker, so it’s only logical that Hasbro would follow suit and build this modern Hoist off of the Trailcutter figure. The similarities in vehicle mode are very easy to see as well as why they engineered Hoist with the removable cap, as it facilitated the ability to work the mold into both characters. Yes, this is a straight repaint with a tow arm swapped out for the cap. The tow arm pegs into the back of the cab and likes to fall apart at the hinge if you look at it funny. Unfortunately, Trailcutter’s forcefield generator is still conspicuously present, which is rather lazy on Hasbro’s part, plus Hoist suffers from the same smallish size when compared to his Classics Autobot brothers.





Hoist transforms just like Trailcutter, which at this point should be obvious because they’re basically the same toy. If you liked Trailcutter’s robot mode, you’ll find the same stuff to love here. The only big difference beside the deco is the new head sculpt, which is perfect for the character, and the fact that you can transform the tow arm into a fairly decent gun, which I like a lot better than Trailcutter’s cap-shield-gun-thingy. There’s not a whole lot else to say about this guy that hasn’t already been said in the other feature. Size is still the major sticking issue here with me. The G1 toys were pretty bulky and these guys look a little too diminutive when compared to their Classics Autobot brothers.




Ever since Classics Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, Hasbro has shown us a remarkable ability to take a single Transformer mold and re-sculpt it into two remarkably unique figures. Alas, The mold used for Hoist and Trailcutter isn’t one of those instances. Instead, this pair is basically a case of repaints with some parts swapped out. That may be disappointing to some, I’ll concede having the forcefield emitter remain on Hoist strikes me as rather lazy, but that doesn’t mean Hoist is a bad figure. I still enjoy this mold a lot and it’s good to finally have the character represented on my Classics shelf.

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