Transformers: Revoltech Megatron by Kaiyodo

Hello and welcome to Transformers Thursday on a Friday. Today we’re doing something a little different as it is neither a Hasbro product, nor is it an actual transforming robot. I have some social commitments tonight, which involves having a pastie and getting drunk at The Pub, so I was looking for something rather quick and dirty, thus I decided to pull Revoltech Megatron off the shelf. I don’t collect Revoltech figures, and I’m not terribly big on Transformers that don’t transform, but I got this guy as part of a Lot of figures and I’ll confess that I do dig him. He came to me without any packaging and missing all of his extra bits, so keep that in mind as we take a quick look at him today.



And there he is… Lord Megatron in Revoltech form. The Revoltech line centers around Kaiyodo’s proprietary system of articulation which is supposed to offer up a degree of super articulation. I actually featured a Revoltech figure about this time last year and while I liked the design and sculpt, I was not overly impressed with the articulation or quality. The jointing looked rather ugly and they had a habit of falling apart if I looked at them funny. That and this one are still the only Revoltech figures I own, but in my travels I’ve had the opportunity to play around with some others and I still find the line to be a mixed bag. Megatron, here, is actually a lot better about staying together than other figures I’ve fiddled about with.


From the neck down, the sculpt here is pretty good, although the ball joints do mar the character design a bit at the hips and shoulders. Megatron continues to be that one frustrating character in Transformers that is yet to get a suitable animated style update. Takara screwed the pooch with their Masterpiece version with some third-party attempts hitting closer to the mark. And while not perfect, this Revoltech figure may be the closest I’ve seen to a proper Sunbow style figure. Granted, it’s a lot easier to make him show accurate when he doesn’t have to transform.



In addition to the exposed ball joints, I think the figure’s head is severely undersized and the face sculpt is a big departure from show accuracy. Sadly, it’s enough to make the figure look severely off. On the other hand, they really nailed everything else quite well and I’m particularly happy with his fusion cannon. The metallic silver finish on this guy looks really nice, and while he could have used some red in his lower torso, the deco works very nicely for me right down to the Decepticon insignia stamped on his chest.


Probably the most frustrating thing about this figure is his size. At a little over 4-inches tall, he’s not much bigger than your average Star Wars or GI JOE figure. That means he won’t scale properly with any of my Deluxe Transformers. That means that unless you’re going to pick up the other Revoltech Transformers, he’s pretty much a stand-alone figure, and the Optimus Prime that goes with him is one ugly figure. That’s just my opinion, your mileage may vary. He does, however scale fairly well with Fansproject’s Causality figures. While you could argue that Megatron should be taller than the Stunticons, he still displays nicely with them at about the same height.


Prices on this guy tend to be all over the place. I’ve seen him sell from $20 up to $50. He’s a cool little figure, if you can pick him up at the lower end of that spectrum, but I don’t think he’s worth hunting down. I seem to recall him coming with extra hands and an extra head, none of which is essential, so he’s still worth buying loose at a deep discount. He’s just one of those odd-ball figures in my collection that doesn’t fit anywhere and yet I dig him just a little too much to let him go.

7 comments on “Transformers: Revoltech Megatron by Kaiyodo

  1. I’d consider this kind of thing an Action Master. He’d come in handy for certain displays (although I think he should be bigger than Stunticons) and definitely for home style animations. I make animated Transformers films in my time off, and before I finally got Hegemon, I had no choice but to use the G2 style Generations Megatron to represent the character, I had nothing better.

    I also wanted to share this with you on Transformers Friday!

    • Compare this to what we got as those “brick Transformers” official sets back in the day…what were they called? Build something? Built to Rule? They were ghastly and all but useless.

      • Ahhh… BUILT TO RULE!!! They were on the shelves alongside the Armada figures. And just in case the Transformers BTR weren’t quite crappy enough Hasbro had to infect GI JOE with them as well. They make the current Kre-O stuff look like masterpieces by comparison.

      • The GI Joe ones at least had a functional action figure with them, albeit with the awful brick-bumps. Ugh. Some things just don’t really work together.

  2. Yeah the pin head is a bummer. I collected the set of G1s when they came out which I think is only Optimus, Megs here, and Rodimus. I gotta dig out that bin. The swappable hands and stuff is fun but I think one of my Rodimus hands broke pretty easy. But yeah if these guys can be got on the cheap they’re fun and got some of that Japanese mojo going for them.

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