Marvel Legends: Hyperion and Hit Monkey by Hasbro

Today I’m finally getting around to wrapping up the triumvirate of Marvel Legends figures needed to build Hit Monkey. We’ve looked at Protector and Red She-Hulk, so now it’s time to give Hyperion his due. As a character, Hyperion has existed in many versions across the multiverse, and as much as I’m enjoying the current run of Hickman’s Avengers, I’m both perplexed and happy that Hasbro chose to do his more classic look over his current appearance. A buddy of mine told me this is close to his appearance on the current Avengers Assemble cartoon, but I wouldn’t know, as I’m still boycotting that show over the outrageous cancellation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Yeah… take that Disney! Feel the wrath of my lone boycott in your pocketbook! I’ll be waiting patiently for an apology and a return of my beloved show when your damn mouse is begging on the street with a tin cup.


Oh, look, it’s another variant figure package in which we will likely never see the variant figure. Hyperion shares the same card with Sentry, or at least he does so hypothetically, since I’ll only believe that figure will be produced when I see it on the pegs. It seems like Sentry wasn’t done all that long ago in the Legends line, but I don’t have him on my shelf, so I’d welcome another release should it ever happen. Either way, Hyperion looks great on the card and he shares the tray with a couple of monkey arms and a pair of automatic pistols. Let’s get him out of the package…



Have I mentioned how glad I am that Hasbro went with this version of the character? I don’t mind his darker Marvel Now look, but this right here is far more appealing to me in action figure form. It has that colorful Golden Age style goodness baked right in. It’s a nice powerful buck that suits him quite well, although it looks familiar as I’m pretty sure my Wrecking Crew are comprised from some of these parts. There’s not a lot of unique sculpting on this guy as he gets by with a painted costume. The red is vibrant and beautiful, the gold, I would have liked to match the yellow in his boots, and there are a few minor flubs, but overall it looks Ok.


I’ve gone on record many times about how much I dig many of the head sculpts Hasbro is turning out for this line and Hyperion is no different. He’s a bit pissed and severe, but it’s a portrait that is absolutely brimming with personality. I’d set it up there with some of the best work we’ve seen out of this line this year.


The only thing that really mars this figure for me is the execution of the cape. It’s sculpted in two parts and pegs into two places. The bulk of the cape looks fine, it’s the top piece that just kind of hovers over his right shoulder. It seems like they should have just glued the cape into place, particularly the shoulder clasp. I might even go ahead and do it myself.


Hyperion sports some great articulation. The arms are ball jointed at the shoulders, double hinged at the elbows, swivel at the biceps, and have swivels and hinges in the wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, double hinged at the knees, hinged at the ankles with additional rockers, and swivel at the thighs and boots. His neck is ball jointed, he can swivel at the waist, and he has a nice ratcheting joint for an ab-crunch. He’s a solid figure and loads of fun to pose.


Hyperion is a very cool figure and definitely another win for Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line. When I think back to the dark days when they first acquired the line from Toy Biz, it continues to astound me just how much they turned this bus around. But wait, we’re not done yet. We still have to talk about a certain monkey. Hit Monkey was a pretty obscure character until some foul-mouthed little girl named Chloe played him in a movie and now nerds everywhere seem to love him. Wait… what? Let me double check my facts on that and get back to you. Most people seem to attribute Hit Monkey’s debut to the pages of Deadpool, but I’m pretty sure Hit Monkey got his own one-shot book before gracing the pages of The ‘Pool. Either way, he’s the creation of Daniel Way, so the two are practically brothers.


Whether you know the character or not, it’s hard to deny the charm of this little guy. He’s a monkey… in a suit… wearing sunglasses… and dual wielding a pair of pistols. He’s hilarious and cool and I would imagine that if I never picked up a Marvel comic in my life, let alone one with Hit Monkey in it, I’d still want this guy on my shelf. The paint and sculpt for the head are very well done and the jacket is a soft plastic vest-like piece with the arms sculpted to look like sleeves. His guns are great and he can hold them in both his hands quite well, which is more than I could say for Protector or Fantomex.


Hit Monkey has great articulation for a little guy. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles. His elbows and knees are hinged. His legs have swivels in the thighs and he has another swivel in the waist. My only gripe here is that it’s really tough to get the ball joints in the shoulders to peg in securely. Mine still pop out from time to time when I’m playing with him.


So, yeah… Hit Monkey is an entertaining enough character, and I’m glad he got a figure, even if I’m not sure this was necessarily the best way to do it. I still prefer Hasbro save the BAF slots for figures that are too big or complex to fit in the single release price point. You could argue Hit Monkey falls in the opposite end of that spectrum, but they could just as easily slapped him in a box set… maybe with that red and black Deadpool variant that we still haven’t seen released around these parts. Just saying.


And yeah, technically I’m still not done with this wave, as I’ve yet to pick up the X-Force Wolverine. I haven’t found him on the pegs yet and I haven’t been going out of my way to hunt him down. But I’d be willing to bet you’ll see him turn up here eventually. If nothing else I need him to keep my X-Force Deadpool company.

2 comments on “Marvel Legends: Hyperion and Hit Monkey by Hasbro

  1. Great review! I don’t know if this is the same Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme of that glorious miniseries of Mark Gruenwald, Bob Hall and Paul Ryan (damn multiverse!) but since that comic books I love those characters and his appearance is majestic!

    • Yeah, I think this release was a nice treat for Squadron Supreme fans. But of all the characters the Marvel Multiverse, keeping track of who is who with this guy gives me the biggest headache.

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