Ghostbusters: Walter Peck by Mattel

A lot of people rolled their eyes when Matty revealed that EPA douchebag, Walter Peck, would get a figure release in their Ghostbusters line. Were these the same people that were bitching about too many variant Ghostbusters? I realize most collectors were waiting for Gozer, and rightly so, but Peck was an awesome character in the flick and I think he definitely deserved his own figure. To sweeten the deal, Matty paired him with the mother or all accessories… the actual containment system. Sure you could argue that it was Matty’s way of making you buy a figure you didn’t want to get a great accessory, but what better character to bundle with the containment system then the asshole who shut it off? Actually, Peck didn’t even have the balls to shut it off himself… he got the ConEd guy to do it for him. Hey Matty, where’s my ConEd Guy figure?


We get the typical and awesome Ghostbusters package. It’s basically the same thing we saw last week with Slimeblower Ray, only with the original GB logo on the top rather than the one for GB2. These packages are great for mint-on-card collectors because the deco really captures the feel of the film and the huge bubble displays the figures quite well. They can also stand on your shelf all by themselves. Look at Peck in there, all smug about the fact that you have to buy him in order to get the containment system. What a douchebag!


The back of the package has the usual personnel file. I think Matty passed up a great opportunity here. Nowhere on the card does it say, “Has no dick!” I’ll bet they were tempted.



As one might expect a figure based off of a government beaurucrat isn’t the most exciting thing around. Walter Peck is a guy in a suit. Granted, he’s a pretty decent looking figure of a guy in a suit. Matty kind of shot themselves in the foot by scaling these guys smaller than their DCUC line because Peck could have easily borrowed the suited body that Mattel seemed so content to trot out over and over (and over) again in the DCUC and Signature Series. Nonetheless, this buck is new to me. I imagine it’s the same one reused for the Courtroom Ghostbusters, but I haven’t opened those yet, so I can’t say for sure. I think the only real gripe I have here is that Peck sports some rather meaty and oversized hands. They’re sculpted to hold something, but I’m not sure why. The portrait is based off the likeness of actor William Atherton and I have to say it’s a pretty decent likeness. I think people tend to dismiss how important it is in a movie to have a good smarmy bad guy that people can love to hate. Atherton plays these parts to a tee. Whether he’s turning off the containment system and endangering New York City or pestering John McClane’s wife in Die Hard, he plays a great scumbag and I really respect that. Besides, surely this must be the first EPA action figure anyone has ever produced. The paintwork on the hairline and beard is excellent and Peck is wearing a smirk that you just want to slap right off his face.


And that brings us to the accessories: The containment system and ghost trap. The trap is different from the one that came with Winston as it cannot open. That makes for a slightly better sculpt without the unsightly hinges. It does, however, still have a socket to plug the pedal and cord into, but does not come with one.




The containment system is beautifully done. It’s basically a slab of wall on a stand with the unit built into it. It looks close enough to the film set to satisfy me and it makes a beautiful centerpiece to display your figures with. It even has an action feature, where you can pull the lever and a spring-loaded mechanism will release the loading chute. You can then load the trap that came with this set, or use the one that came with the original Winston. Close it up and when the light is green, the trap is clean! No, the lights don’t actually work.



Like a lot of the Ghostbusters figures that I’m looking at these days, I picked up Peck for about half of what he originally sold for and I’m cool with that. He’s not an exciting figure, but I can’t deny that he’s well executed and he will certainly fit into my Ghostbusters display somewhere, even if I have to cover him with Fluffernutter. I may also use him to audit the Justice League Watchtower. I’m betting Batman doesn’t have a permit for half that equipment he uses.

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