Masters of the Universe Classics: Hurricane Hordak by Mattel

We’re moving into Day 3 of Matty Cyber Week and today we’re checking out The Hurricane! No, not Hurricane Rubin Carter… it’s Hurricane Hordak! I’m actually cheating a bit today because I did not in fact get Hurricane Hordak from Matty’s Sale. I did, however, get him for a ridiculously cheap price from Amazon many weeks back and he’s been sitting around waiting to be opened and featured. So why not just toss him in here, eh?


Hordak comes in the same awesome packaging we’ve been seeing all week. You’ll also note that he’s one of these “Original” reissues. I’m kind of surprised Matty did a second run on this guy because I don’t think he sold for shit, but then that would explain why he’s populating the shelves of Big Lots all over the country. Even I wouldn’t buy him until he got down to near $10 shipped, and I’m a lunatic with no concept of the value of money. Nope, even I think this line is too expensive to be worried about picking up a lot of variants of the same character. In fact, the only reason I own Battle Armor He-Man is because I started collecting the line late and he was the only He-Man figure available at the time. As always, the back of the package shows off other figures in the line. Hey, there’s Leech. I passed on him when he was first offered because I don’t think he looked that good. Now, he’s a bit pricey on the secondary market and I really want him and will probably pick him up off of Ebay at a premium. Jesus, I’m my own worst enemy. I shouldn’t be allowed to have money.



So, Hurricane Hordak is a quick-and-dirty cash-grab that takes the same Hordak figure, does a little resculpty here and there, blings him out with some shiny gold armor and a new gun arm with more attachments than one of those $500 Dyson vacuum cleaners. Well, it’s three attachments, but it seems like a lot. I’m not holding any of that against the figure. Those of us that bought him knew what we were getting into. Plus, he is indeed a modern treatment of an actual vintage character, so it’s not like Matty made him up for the Classics line or anything. I’ve already looked at Hordak ages ago, so I’m just going to touch on what’s new here.


The new armor is vac-metal and allows all of Hordak’s foes to know when he’s coming even when he’s still miles away. It’s seriously shiny and despite a lot of collectors griping about it chipping, mine hasn’t chipped at all… yet. I would imagine that will change in time. It is removable, but because of the aforementioned chipping hazard, I wouldn’t recommend taking it off frequently. Other than the armor, the legs, head, and left arm are all pretty much what we got when we bought the first Hordak with just some minor variations to the paint. Hurricane Hordak is missing some of the grey painted fringe on the boots and cowl. The biggest change to the actual figure is the resculpted right arm that takes away Hordak’s hand and replaces it with a gun barrel. I dig this a lot because in the Filmation cartoon he could turn his arm into a cannon and this is probably the best homage to that we’ll see in the Classics figure line. Of course, the barrel is not meant to be left empty, that’s where you attach all his crazy spinning weapons.




How about those attachments? You get a three-pronged thing with balls on the end. There balls have what appears to be sculpted lightning or energy on them, but without a paint app to make it look right it kind of looks like the balls have veins. Ewww. You also get a four-pronged thingy with blades angled out. Lastly, you get a propeller-style attachment that’s vaguely sculpted after the Horde insignia. They all just pop right into the hole at the end of the arm and some of them can be a bitch to get out. I should also note that while the spinning gimmick isn’t there, Mattel still sculpted a fake thumb wheel into the back of Hordak’s armor like the vintage figure had. I dig that!


All in all, Hurricane Hordak is a decent enough figure. It’s a nice homage to the vintage figure, even if it has been stripped of the very action gimmick that gave the figure purpose. No, the truth is that my only complaint with this guy is that I never would have laid out the $25-27 he went for when offered at Matty Collector. I picked mine up at Amazon for $13.99 with free shipping and that seems about right. Even still, I’m a Club Eternia subber for 2014, so there’s a good chance that when my MOTUC shelves start getting congested, Hurricane Hordak here will be the first to be bumped into the storage drawer with all the MOTUC accessories.

2 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Hurricane Hordak by Mattel

  1. Heh, heh. “Balls”. But yeah just look at that photo with the cannon arm. Is beautiful. I think a lot of the whining about the shiny armor was ye olde transmetal transformers beast wars fanboys who wept at how those vac-metallized figures would chip and flake. You say metal flaking bad I say battle damage good. To each his own. Some figures require more then one version in the collection and top 3 I can think are HeMan, Skeletor, and Hordak. Speaking of smoking prices I just scored 12″ Megator off Amazon for $15 shipped so now I have 2 of that jolly green giant- one with the youngin’ head and one with the old man rooted grey hair head. By the power…

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