Transformers Generations: Rewind and Sunder by Hasbro

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Today I’m giving the gift of a quick and dirty Feature because I am back at work today cleaning up the aftermath and then I’ll be sinking into a hot bath with a bottle of Jameson for the remainder of the night. Hopefully I won’t pass out and drown. Today is indeed Transformers Thursday and while TFT was originally designed to look at past releases, for the time being I’ll be mixing some current Transformers into the mix and today is one of those instances. Let’s check out a couple of Blasters’ tape disc minions.


While I liked Generations Blaster a lot, I wasn’t too keen on the Steeljaw disc that came with him, so I had no intention of buying any of the discs. Low and behold, someone gave me a set of these for Christmas and I was surprised at how happy I was to receive them. It was one of those situations where I would never have bought these for myself, so this was a convenient way for me involuntarily to give them a try. I don’t have a lot to say about the packaging, other than they come on a Generations-style card, packed in their robot modes alongside a couple of disc cases.




The discs come with two translucent plastic cases with nice gold Autobot emblems stamped on their lids. It’s a cool nod back to the tape cases included with some of the recent releases of Soundwave’s cassettes. I’m still not entirely sold on these chunky discs as a credible medium for advanced robots to store data. Why couldn’t Hasbro have printed similar circuitry patterns on rectangular cassette-shaped devices and just called them Memory Chips? Am I over anaylzing the concept? Probably. Both discs feature an auto-transform gimmick where if you drop them just right they will spring into their robot forms. It works pretty well, so long as you drop them hard enough and the fall strikes the trigger button on the bottom of the disc.


Sunder is the bird, which is obviously a repaint of Soundwave’s Laserbeak disc. Unless there’s a huge gap in my G1 Transformers memory, I’m pretty sure he’s a brand new character. I certainly don’t remember the old Blaster having a bird cassette. But I get it, it’s another way for Hasbro to get a little more money out of the mold and that’s cool. Sunder actually looks pretty good, although his wings are super chunky. He’s nowhere near as cool a design as the vintage Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, but he’s not terrible either.  As far as robot animals that auto-transform from big fat discs go, he’s certainly better than Steeljaw.


Next up we have Rewind and I have mixed feelings about him. On the one hand, he’s a pretty primitive figure since the only articulation he has is rotation in the shoulders. He also doesn’t completely auto-transform, as you have to put his arms down and fold his feet out. On the other hand, considering he’s supposd to be a humanoid robot that changes into a disc, I’m trying to give him some slack. Truth be told, for what he is, I think he looks pretty impressive. The sculpt is good and I like the paint deco, you jsut can’t do a whole lot with him. He’ll display just fine next to Blaster, but he’s not a very exciting toy.


In the end there’s nothing here that convinces me that I should have run out and bought these little figures, but they are much better than I expected them to be. Most people are afraid to get me toys for Christmas because they have no idea what I have, so it’s kind of a cool novelty to actually get these guys as a gift. I think Blaster would have been better served if he got bundled with one of these two figures instead of Steeljaw. Then again, maybe Hasbro thought nobody would pay for Steeljaw in a separate pack.

3 comments on “Transformers Generations: Rewind and Sunder by Hasbro

  1. Sundor is from a more recent continuity. Japanese I think. You can buy an Encore-style Sundor that is a repaint of G1 Laserbeak. I like any original G1 cassettes that have accessories chromed in non-silver, and Sundor’s are gold.

    Anyway, you said why can’t they make a data storage device that’s a rectangle? I tend to agree on that. They could even pretend to be chunk USB sticks.

    FACT: In the original Transformers G1 comic, Optimus Prime’s entire personality and memories fit on one 5 1/4 floppy disc 🙂

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