Goodbye, 2013 and Hello, Best and Worst Week!


Yes, it’s time for one of those insufferable “End of the Year” recaps. As a blogger I am contractually obligated by the Elders of the Internet to produce one of these vapid chronicles at the end of each year. Personally, this is a time of joy for me because it rings in the end of the Christmas Season, or what I like to affectionately call “The Hell Times” and lets me take a week off. Yes, these lists were lovingly crafted in sweat and alcohol during the course of last week so that I could set it up, put FFZ on autopilot, and spend the next week trying to kill those specific few brain cells that hold the memories of this beloved Yuletide Season. The tanker truck of Jameson docked at my house last night and my cat, decked out in full tuxedo, has just leapt upon my desk and exclaimed, “party of one, your table is ready.”

For the uninitiated, here’s how it works. I will chronicle my Ten Favorite items featured on FFZ in 2013 as well as my Ten Biggest Disappointments. My Favorites will be split up into two parts for tomorrow and Wednesday and The Disappointments into two parts on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday I will be off completely, no doubt trying to claw my way back to reality, and on Monday I’ll be back to start a whole new year of toy related shenanigans.

Now there are some general rules. Items on this list come from stuff I featured this past year, not necessarily stuff that was released this past year. With that having been said, I think most of it does happen to fall into 2013 releases. I wasn’t buying a lot of vintage or older stuff this year because I was having enough trouble keeping up with current releases. Second, I try to limit each toy line to one slot on each list. That keeps me from being a bastard and just taking up the entire Favorites list with Third Party Transformers and Doctor Who figures. I hope to be more or less successful in this, but there may indeed be some fudging.

And that’s it! I’m off to enter the Odin Sleep, although I will be popping on Interwebs from time to time. But before I go, I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by FFZ this past year to partake in my plastic obsession. I truly appreciate each and every Reader, Facebook Like and Twitter Follower, and I’m always grateful for the comments and emails… even the nasty ones! I continue to do this as a labor of love, but it’s always nice to have people to share my plastic passion with.

I will see you Toy Hounds next Monday with my first feature of 2014. Enjoy your holiday and be safe!

By figurefanzero

One comment on “Goodbye, 2013 and Hello, Best and Worst Week!

  1. Enjoy the Odinsleep. I will look forward to seeing if there are any toys I missed in 2013 that I absolutely needed.

    OH! Yesterday I popped into my local Ballmart, and got the very last Genertions Hoist. I then went onto TFSource and ordered the add-on kit for him and Trailbreaker. This was a consolation prize though — I was going to spend my Christmas money on a new turntable but everybody was sold out.

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