Marvel Legends Infinite: Amazing Spider-Man by Hasbro

It seems like forever since I last looked at a Marvel Legends figure. For 2014, the line has been rebranded as “Infinite” and will be tied in to the Marvel movies. The first two assortments to hit the pegs are “Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Captain America: Winter Soldier.” In the case of the Spider-Man figures, I’m going to be really picky about which ones I buy and not worry about the Build-A-Figure. I wasn’t a big fan of the first movie and I doubt I’ll even go see this one in the theaters. I can’t get into any the re-designed bad guys and it feels like they’re making the same mistake as Spider-Man 3 and overloading it with too many villains. What I do like, however, is Spidey’s costume in the new movie, so I was more than happy to pick up the figure.



The new branding includes a totally new package design. Gone are the comic bookish cards and bubbles and in their place a compact little window box that is actually collector friendly. Spider-Man comes with the Green Goblin BAF parts to his right and his swappable hands to his left. As much as I liked the fun and outrageous stylings of the other Legends packaging, I think these new boxes are an improvement. It’s worth noting that the packages are more or less the same style for the Cap movie figures. Sure, it’s all Marvel, but I find it really odd to have one cohesively branded line of figures based on two different movies from two different production companies. Infinite has to be a first in that regard.



So, first off I need to say how much I love this new buck. It’s not perfect. I think the hip joints are way too broad and pretty ugly, but finally we get a Legends Spider-Man that feels like he’s properly scaled. Stand this one next to the buck Hasbro used for the Big Time Spidey, Future Foundation Spidey, and Scarlet Spider, and it really exposes the sizing issues with those other figures.




Spidey’s costume utilizes a surprising amount of fresh sculpting to convey all that delicious detail in the new costume. The entire web pattern is part of the actual sculpt and a good deal of it is panel lined as well. The blue parts of the costume are also textured in that basketball grip style that is all the rage with a lot of Super Hero costumes these days. Suffice it to say there’s very precious little space on this figure that isn’t in some way sculpted or painted. That having been said, it’s a shame that the pins in the elbowss didn’t make the cut. The red pins against the blue part of the costume is at least on the inside of his arms, but you’ll still see it when posing him.


In addition to continuing the sculpted webbing, the figure’s portrait is dominated by two huge eyes. It’s one of the things I love the most about the costume design in general and this figure in particular. My only gripe here is that the eyes are painted with a pearlescent white and I thought the costume’s eyes were still going to be gold. I haven’t really had a good look at the costume yet, so I may be totally off base there. Either way, it’s a very comic book style portrait and I totally dig it.






The articulation here features just about everything that I could want. The shoulders have the extra hinged crunches in addition to the hinged ball joints, there are swivels in the biceps, the elbows are double-hinged, and the hands have swivels and hinges. The legs have those big, dopey ball jointed hips, swivels in the thighs, double-hinged knees, another set of swivels in the lower legs, hinges in the ankles, and lateral rockers. Nice! The torso swivels at the waist, features an ab crunch hinge just below the chest, and the neck is ball jointed and hinged. Even with all this articulation, the figure feels remarkably solid, well-balanced, and stands on his own beautifully.



While Spidey comes packaged with fists, he actually comes with a replacement set of “thwipping” hands. I can’t remember the last time I got swappable hands in a Legends figure, so this was a nice surprise. You also get the right arm for the Green Goblin BAF and an effect part for the same. The Goblin looks like a cool figure, but unless I can find figures like Electro for really cheap, I won’t be getting all the parts to build him.




All in all, I’m really pleased with this figure. If you can keep from staring at Spidey’s crotch area, than I think this figure does very little wrong. The coloring and sculpt are quite good and the articulation and balance makes him lots and lots of fun to play around with. On the downside, Hasbro seems to be upping the price of these figures to $20 at most retailers. You can still find some of the more common releases for less online, I got this one for $15, but that also means that the chase figures will likely go for a lot more. I did pick up one other figure in this assortment, so at some point next week we’ll check out Superior Spider-Man.

4 comments on “Marvel Legends Infinite: Amazing Spider-Man by Hasbro

      • The whole first wave is excellent in my book. I think that WWII Cap is just a repack of the First Avenger release though.

      • I thought that looked like the figure I already have. Right now it’s cheaper for me to buy the whole wave and get him again then hunt down the individuals. Can’t wait to get the AIM and Hydra soldiers. The Mandroid looks like it’ll be sweet too!

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