Vintage Vault Showcase: Bionic Six by LJN

I had every intention of doing a Bonus Feature for today, but instead I got deep into the Jameson last night and neglected my duties as a good host. Nonetheless, I did have some time this morning, while nursing a hangover, to snap some pictures of a particular Ebay haul that I am extremely happy about. I don’t usually do this kind of thing on FFZ, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s worth pointing out that I’ve looked at LJN’s Bionic Six line here before. Indeed, some of the figures you’ll see here have been reviewed in years gone by and I’ll be doing proper reviews of some of these items in the not-too distant future.


The Ebay picture that caught my eye!

The Bionic Six was probably one of the last 80’s cartoons that I followed before getting “too old” to watch cartoons. Of course, 25 years later, I find that I’m now “old enough” to watch cartoons again. Anyway, Bionic Six was hokey and goofy but it was loads of fun and it had one of my all-time favorite openings of any cartoon ever. It is perhaps second only to the opening sequence of the now sadly forgotten Mighty Orbots cartoon. I’ve been hunting this collection for a while now and it’s been slow going. I pick up a figure here and there, I upgrade one, but this stuff is hard to find in good shape and at good prices. Well, last week an Ebay Lot went up that not only included beautiful examples of the entire Bennett clan, but the elusive vehicles as well. It was a terrible time for such a thing to show up, as I had already spent my toy budget for the week, but I dipped into my emergency fund and bid anyway. I never expected to get it, but in the end, after a slightly irritating bidding war, I got the collection for what I still think was a ridiculously good price.


“We’re so very proud to be… A super future family!”

With bionics on, the Bennetts consisted of (from left to right) Sport-1, Rock-1, Bionic-1, Mother-1, I.Q., and Karate-1. They also had a robot gorilla named FLUFFI, but I haven’t picked up his figure yet. The entire Bionic Six were included in the lot, and I was able to mix and match with the figures I already had to put together a set with very nice paint. These figures were partly diecast metal and so paint chipping always came with the territory. Finding nice and minty versions of these figures could be a real bitch. I.Q. is missing his cowboy hat, but I don’t remember him ever wearing it in the cartoon, so I don’t miss it. On the other hand, I have no idea why he’s so huge compared to the other figures. I find that many of the accessories weren’t necessary, but Sport-1 has to have his bat and glove, and I have Rock-1’s shoulder speakers off to the side.


Hail Scarab!!!

Of course every set of heroes needs bastards to fight. From left to right: Madam-O, Mechanic, Chopper, and Glove. Ironically, my Scarab team is still light one leader. I’ve had multiple opportunities to pick up Dr. Scarab, but the paint has never been satisfactory. He’s mostly white and every chip on that figure is painfully noiticeable. I may just have to break down and buy him carded to get one in acceptable condition. I’m also missing Klunk. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the paint on these guys and they all have their accessories.




Eric, Bunji, and JD taking the Quadrunners for a spin!

The vehicles! The Bennett children used the Bionic Quadrunner and Bionic Dirt Bike to speed into battle. When I set out to collect these figures, I never thought I’d ever own any of the vehicles. They’re hard to come by in any condition. Ironically enough a few weeks ago I found a Quadrunner in mint condition for a very fair Buy It Now price and scooped it up.  A second one came with this Lot, which is a tad played with, but still in great condition. I’m happy to have two because I can store one in the MULES van and keep the other out on display.



“The Bionic Dirt Bike is So-LAR!!!”

The Dirt Bike is a real tough one to find. Even tougher than the Quads. In fact, the one in this lot is the only time I’ve ever seen one outside of a Toy Show. This one is in great condition. Bright paint, minty chrome, and the springs work perfectly to convert it to attack mode.




And then there’s the MULES van. Mobile Uitility Energizing Station. Talk about tough to find, this is a toy I never, ever expected to own just because it would always be more than I would be willing to pay for it. Also, it’s got a lot of stickers and some rather flimsy moving parts, and those two things are never a good combination in vintage toys. Like the Dirt Bike, I’ve only ever seen the MULES van for sale once before. It was boxed at the same Toy Show and the asking price was $450. I suppose part of me thought that if I did own the van it would be a beater just to use as a place holder to say I had one. But this one is in remarkably good condition. It’s complete and everything works. There’s some sticker wear, most of which can be fixed with a little glue, and there’s just some minor scratching on the windshields. I can’t imagine ever needing to upgrade this beauty to a better one.



This beast is big enough to hold two figures in the cockpit and both of the vehicles. The Dirt Bike drives up into the back and it can launch out the top and roll right down the front of the van and into action. The Quadrunner stores inside the front and launches by splitting the cab open and shooting it out the front.


Bionics… ON!

After spending so much time hunting and pecking at this collection, it’s hard to believe how much of it I completed in just one bold strike. It’s really encouraged me to pick up the last three figures I need. Of course, there are still some additional pieces, like Scarab’s Throne and let’s not forget the Bennett’s Headquarters playset. I’m tempted to say that I’ll never have that thing in my collection, but if this Lot has taught me anything… you never know!

Now, I think I’m going to cue up some episodes of Bionic Six and play with my toys!

6 comments on “Vintage Vault Showcase: Bionic Six by LJN

  1. What more could you ask for out of a toy line as a kid.Hi-Tec gadgets and vehicles.Metal/translucent action figures.And one Karate guy for good measure!I want some of these for my collection!

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