Marvel Legends Infinite: Baron Zemo by Hasbro

I’ve seen Winter Soldier twice now, and I really hope to get in one more time. And as the Captain America marketing juggernaut continues to roll over the land and thanks to Hasbro’s current wave of Captain America Legends, the comic books aren’t being left out. I already reviewed the excellent Marvel NOW! version of Cap and that got me good and excited to take a look at one of his arch enemies from the comics. Today we’re checking out Baron Zemo! mlizemo11 But you won’t find his name on the front of the package! Zemo shares his slot in the wave with the elusive AIM Soldier. It’s amazing to me that Hasbro can not only slip a comic character onto the pegs under the guise of a movie line, but not even put the character’s name on the package. On the other hand, it warms my nerd heart to think that there are enough people walking through the toy aisle that will recognize Baron Zemo when they see him. The day I am in the action figure aisle and I see a little kid point up and say, “Mommy, I want Baron Zemo!” I will weep tears of joy. Will that ever happen? I don’t know, but I can dream. Anyway, Zemo comes on the tray with his weapons mounted beside him and the rather large arm for the Mandroid BAF. And yes, the new Infinite packaging is totally collector friendly.


Hot damn… I love this figure! It’s a more modern treatment than the Universe version that we got last year and that’s fine by me. He still retains the iconic purple hood and pupil-less eyes that make him so sinister. Hasbro did a fine job sculpting the contours of his face under that mask. It really gives him a lot of character. I do, however, miss the regal fur trim that the older Zemo had as part of his outfit. Instead you get a shoulder harness holding two (sculpted and non-removable) automatic pistols. If you’re going to trade in your regal fur trim always do it for extra guns! At first I thought it was a little out of character, actually I still do, but it’s growing on me.


Zemo makes nice use of a standard buck with some extra bits to make him unique. In addition to the gun harness, you get a belt and sash and sculpted yellow boots and gauntlets. If I were to complain about anything it might just be that the figure is a little too dark. I slightly darker purple for the body would have worked a little better for me. But that’s just me trying to find something to complain about because Zemo is otherwise awesome.

Articulation is very similar to what we saw with the NOW! Cap. The arms are ball jointed at the shoulders, double-hinged at the elbows, have swivels in the biceps, and hinges and swivels in the wrists. The legs feature ball joints in the hips, double-hinged knees, swivels in the thighs and tops of the boots, and hinges in the ankles. Zemo has an ab-crunch hinge in the torso and the head is hinged and ball jointed. The joints are a tad softer than the NOW! Cap, but it’s nothing so bad that it spoils the figure for me.


Zemo comes with both a pistol and a sword. The pistol is a nicely detailed piece and even includes a pattern on the grips that’s evocative of Zemo’s old fur trim. I know, I miss the fur trim and I’m obsessing over it. That’s the last time I’ll mention it. He can hold the gun in either hand, but the right is specifically sculpted with a trigger finger. You also get his broadsword, which is delightfully chunky and melodramatic. It also fits into a loop on his belt and I totally dig that!



While my goal is still to find the AIM Soldier, Zemo makes for a mighty fine consolation prize. This is not my favorite version of the character’s costume, but I still dig it quite a bit and he is undoubtedly a great figure. I already have one team of Thunderbolts in the Legends scale and now I’m hoping that Hasbro might find their way to delivering another roster with Zemo as the first step. Probably not, but I can still hope. Either way it’s just great to see Hasbro sneaking these comic based figures out among the movie marketing. It sure beats getting a dozen different versions of Cap with goofy weapons and made up specialized climate gear. Next week I’ll come back to this wave and check out Red Skull!

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