Masters of the Universe Classics: Blade by Mattel

It’s that time again, kids! My monthly box from Matty Collector hit my doorstep earlier this week. Considering the sale was on the 15th and I got my sub figure on the 20th, I’d say that’s record time. It almost justifies the crazy shipping prices that Matty charges. Anyway, this month’s figure is Blade… yes, the bald eye-patch guy from the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie. I have absolutely no idea what the general nerd reception is for that movie these days. I kind of liked it back then, but I wasn’t a hardcore MOTU fan so it probably didn’t offend me as much as some. It’s probably been 20 years since I’ve seen it, and no… I am under no obligation to watch it for this review. I tell ya what, if Matty gets around to doing one more movie figure, I’ll watch it for that review. There, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Now, let’s look at the figure.


Blade may be from the movie, but you wouldn’t know it from the packaging. There’s no sticker or anything declaring his Hollywood origins. You just get an awesome card and bubble with that glorious Greyskull-inspired green brick deco. The insert dubs Blade as the “Evil Master of Swords” and the bio on the back even gives a nod to the 1987 movie plot. I love the idea of folding all of this stuff into one uniform line of action figures and even if it does mean I have to watch the movie again, I really do hope we get more figures from the film. I’ll also confess that I never knew there was a Blade figure in the original MOTU toyline. Nope, I only just learned that today while poking around the Interwebs to remind me a little bit about the character in the film.




There he is, and might I say, “Damn, this guy is bitchin!” He’s like some kind of techno-sky-pirate-warlord from one of those late-night Cinemax Post-Apocalypse movies. And I mean that in every way as a compliment. I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. I guess I’ll start with the armor. Blade is wearing a soft, rubbery vest and skirt that’s sculpted and painted to look like chainmail and the effect works brilliantly. If I wasn’t already in the know, I’d have to get in pretty close to see that all those chain links are faked out, especially with the way it falls down between his legs. It’s brilliant! The chain coat is beautifully adorned with a silver medallion in the center. The huge slabs of shoulder armor may be a tad much, but… hell, why not? In for a penny, in for a pound. If you’re going for a high intimidation factor, and I do believe this guy is, you might as well go all out and turn your shoulders into razor tipped walls. The whole ensemble is nicely rounded out with rings of sculpted daggers around each of his thighs and a dart gun mounted on his left bracer. Christ, this is one outstanding battle ensemble!


The portrait is pretty sweet too. Blade’s bald head sports a nasty scar that disappears under his patched eye and he’s wearing a fierce scowl. His ears are covered with bladed back-swept wings and he’s even got a pair of spikes protruding out from his chin. What the hell are those for? Does he chin butt people? Sure, it’s crazy… crazy awesome! The hell with Eternia, Blade would be right at home in the Badlands, manning a custom gun turret on top of a battle wagon made out of a converted ’76 Ford Torino. Don’t tell me you can’t picture that!




Blade comes with his trusty swords, each of which fit into loops on his belt for convenient carrying. He has one straight broadsword and one slightly curved cutlass-style weapon. Much has been made by the fan community about the paint operations being nixed from these swords. The cutlass is completely unpainted and the broadsword just has red paint on the crossguard. I get it, they would have looked better painted, but considering how much spectacular work was done on the figure itself, I can live with the unpainted weapons. Besides, they may still turn up all painted up in a weapons pack somewhere down the road. Of course, having to buy the painted swords separately will just give the fans something else to complain about.



You also get a laser whip. I did not at all remember Blade having this in the movie until a friend set me straight and showed me some pics of He-Man getting the shit whipped out of him by Blade. It’s a cool accessory, but it doesn’t quite live up to the weapon in the film. Plus, I get a bit of a Gummi-Worm vibe from it. I don’t think I’ll display it with the character. His name is Blade not Whip, I want him to have his swords at the ready, not a licorice candy whip.



Blade is yet another reason why I’m so very happy I subbed Club Eternia this year. Mattel went absolutely apeshit on this guy with all the new sculpting and paintwork and they turned out a truly amazing figure. Even if I wasn’t collecting this line, I think I’d want to have this guy on my shelf just because he’s dripping with 80’s sci-fi badassery. You’re not going to the display shelves yet, Mr. Blade. No, you’re going to hang out on my desk for a while so I can play with you on my downtime. Keep it up, Matty. You’re making 2014 a great year!

7 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Blade by Mattel

  1. While expanded universe Geldor from last Fall is still chilling in his clamshell whilst I debate whether to keep or get whatever dinero I can for him we wasted no time in popping live action movie Blade from his package. Me and my boys have watched (and loved) every animated incarnation of HeMan but hadn’t screened the live action movie yet. I agree though. That whole badass 80s glam metal Mad Max shtick is just awesome. There was a little paint on one sword but none on the other which was a little lame but nothing a little hobby shop paint can’t correct so no complaints. Netflix shipped out the Dolph movie so Saturday’s matinee with my boys will be some 80s HeMan cheese served with some buttery stir crazy popcorn. Maybe a brew for dad to help wash it all down!

    • Hey, let me know what you think of it. I’m really curious. Once I got past what it was and what it wasn’t I liked it a lot. Young Courtney Cox and Lt. Paris from Voyager is fun. And Meg Foster and Chelsea Field… Yum! Plus, Dolph and Frank Langella was inspired casting. I still hope we get an armored up Skeletor from the film.

  2. I previewed a 1/2 hour of the Masters film for my boys. It starts out with Donner Superman opening credits then morphs to an animated Castle Greyskull picture then throws some Star Wars troopers into the mix. What you’ll like: HeMan, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, a young & pretty Courtney Cox, and the Castle throne room. What you’ll love: Blade or should I say Blade Jr. as the movie Blade is a young, skinny bald guy wearing the costume featured in the action figure review. What the kids will like: the Muppet sidekick. What you won’t like: the “St. Elmos Fire” casting call rejects running around the Hollywood studio backlot and downtown Los Angeles. My young boys will like it so I’m gonna give it a full viewing with them. Now that you have a MotUC Blade action figure in hand you’ll want to keep that guy on the end table next to your brew when you screen the flick. It’s pretty hilarious. Worth catching at least once.

  3. I liked the movie as a kid, but was disappointed it wasn’t “better”. To this day I couldn’t tell you why, or what I expected, or what I would have wanted.

    I love watching it now. It’s just the right kind of terrible for me.

    This figure looks great. I’m really bummed that he was April’s figure, and not something like August, or September, when I’d have the money to spend on him.

    Assuming the subs sell through this year, do you think you’d do it again? You seem to have had nothing but good experiences with it, but I keep hearing nothing but horror stories. I’m not sure there’ll be that many figures I’m dying to get next year, but I’m really afraid that the ones I do want all be sub exclusives. Seems to be how most of them went this year. Even when they’re not, the “good” figures are sold out by the time I get home from work anyway.

    • Well, this is my first sub unless you count last year’s mini Filmation sub. I have yet to have any problems with them, although the credit card I’m using is going to expire later this year, so that’s giving me a little worry. I’ve heard lots of horror stories about Digital River not being able to handle a simple change of payment request. I think the card expires in October, so worst case I’ll just have to buy the last two months figures Day of Sale.

      I think I will sub next year if there is one. There are just very few figures that I get that I’m not delighted with. I just try not to think about the fact that when you factor in shipping, I’m paying bout $36 a figure.

  4. $36 a figure for a highly detailed & sturdy 7″ action figure with accessories up the wazoo. Little 4″ Marvel Universe figures are $12 at the boutique toy store near me and 6″ Marvel Legends with a BAF piece but nary an accessory went from $14.99 to $19.99 to $24.99 (at TRU and the LCS) in the span of several weeks last winter with the added bennie of short packing the figures with little plastic titties that get the fanboys all wet. But I digress.
    My boys and me watched the whole flick and dug it. Blade pulls out that red whip so don’t lose it! My kids liked the Orko stand-in muppet Gildor. And the gold battle armor Skeletor at the end was very cool. Be sure to stay through the end credits. My kids really enjoyed that! What it lacked in backstory and charm and morals (all developed in the cartoon) was made up in wardrobe and some of the casting and the throne room stage. They must have put $15M of the $16M budget into the throne room is my guess which left some money for salaries and costumes.
    Blade was a stand out performer in this flick for sure! If Courtney Cox took her shirt off it would have got 4-stars but as is it merits a solid 2 1/2 stars.

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