Doctor Who: Captain Jack Harkness (Re-issue) by Character Options

The 5-inch line of Doctor Who figures isn’t exactly alive and kicking, but it is limping along and still sputtering out some offerings, most of which are repacks and minor tweaks of existing figures. In particular, Character Options re-released a number of figures from the Tennant Era in new packaging. A little while ago I featured this reissue of The Tenth Doctor in his blue suit and now we’re going to check out Mr. Fixed-Point-In-Time himself, Captain Jack Harkness.


I don’t have anything new to say about the packaging. We’ve seen this plenty of times before. I will, however, take this opportunity to point out how much I miss Jack’s appearances on the show. I could never get into Torchwood, but seeing Jack pop up on proper-Who was always a treat. I’ll be the first to admit that NuWho becomes way too parochial, and by that I mean that with all of space and time to explore, The Doctor keeps running into a lot of the same people, but I feel sad knowing that Jack never got to come back for at least one episode to meet Eleven. I think that would have been fun. Jack’s character can be a bit much sometimes, but I still think he was a great addition to the Whoniverse and John Barrowman seems like a really cool guy. But, getting back to the figure, the only Captain Jack I have in my collection was the original one from way back in 2006(?) and that one hasn’t aged all that well. That’s ironic if you think about it. Anyway, let’s check out this update.



This is definitely the more modern Captain Jack and I’m guessing he would pass for a Torchwood Jack as well. He has his long coat naval with those stylish epaulets, which is cast in soft rubber. CO even took the time to do a nice sculpt underneath, showing off his suspenders and his sculpted, non-functional (boo!) holster. All In all, Jack’s ensemble is well executed and followed up with some really tidy paintwork, right down to the individual buttons on his coat.


The portrait is decent enough, but I wouldn’t classify it as a homerun. It’s certainly better than the chunky noggin we got on the first Captain Jack figure. I definitely recognize the likeness, but the expression is rather blank. I guess that would actually be a lack of expression. His complexion also looks extra shiny. Still, I’m pretty happy with what we got.


The articulation on this guy holds no surprises. It’s a repack so don’t expect any ball joints in the shoulders. The arms only rotate at the shoulders, but they do feature hinged elbows and swivels in the wrists. The legs have universal movement at the hips, hinges in the knees, swivels in the thighs, and due to the sculpt of the pants cuffs, there isn’t any articulation in the ankles. He can swivel at the waist and his head rotates. Like I said… no surprises.



This Jack figure originally came with his trusty revolver and The Doctor’s hand in a jar. This time around you only get the trusty revolver. Cheap! J’accuse, Character Options! First no sonic screwdriver included with the Tenth Doctor repack and now no hand jar. That pisses me off! The pistol is a decent enough accessory and he can hold it pretty well in his right hand. You can even almost get his trigger finger through the trigger guard.


That’s pretty much all I have to say about Captain Jack here. He’s a decent enough figure and I’m glad to get the opportunity to pick him up since I missed out on him last time. Now I can put my original Jack figure on my Ninth Doctor shelf and put this version with my Tenth Doctor figures. I paid about $15 for this figure, which is admittedly steep, especially when CO starts cutting accessories out, but my budget isn’t exactly getting blown on Doctor Who figures these days, so I was willing to splurge.

5 comments on “Doctor Who: Captain Jack Harkness (Re-issue) by Character Options

  1. “…and that one hasn’t aged all that well.”

    Ahahahaha! (do you also have the Face of Boe figure? I’m not through looking through all your stuff)

    I love this Jack in coat. The coat is very nicely done with the way it flows. I even can put Jack into a running pose without him toppling over, as the coat acts as a stabilizer.

    I’m pretty sure thought hat originally there were two Jack versions. One with the webley, and one with the hand. I remember that I had to buy a second one to get the hand (I gave the figure to a friend).

    As for the face sculpt, definitely better than the cross-eyed Torchwood Jacks (they come in light blue and dark blue (Comic Con special) shirt, with rolled up sleeves). And they are ALL cross-eyed. Everyone complaints about that. But I think the best face sculpt of Jack is the one from a set – sorry, I don’t know which set, as I buy them all loose and used. He is without coat, but long dark blue sleeves, not rolled up, where you even can see the plane cuffs, and he even has a shoulder swivel. I mostly use this figure for my scenes, as I like the fast best and he is the only one that can turn his arms inside.

    As for Torchwood, if you think the first two seasons are too silly – have you tried season 3, the five episode arch that is called “Children of Earth”? Everyone agrees that this is the best Torchwood, and it can easily be watched without any previous knowledge, as it was aimed at a wider audience and is more like a mini-series. Highly recommended.

    As for John Barrowman, I can confirm that is is a very nice and also very funny guy. I have met him at a few conventions and have many funny pictures to prove. Check my JB tag if you are interested 😉 I’ve also seen him in concert and in musical. I was even in the studio when he recorded his latest CD. One of the perks for crowdfunding. You can’t be closer than that. It was actually nice to see a more quiet and at times very emotional side of him.

    • Yes, I have since watched Children of Earth and enjoyed it a lot.

      Very jealous over Barrowman. The only Doctor Who actors I’ve met are from the classic series: Colin Baker (6th Doctor) and Louise Jameson (Leela). They were at a Who Convention in New Jersey back in the mid 80’s.

      • Well, nowadays you should be more lucky to get JB in the US since he moved to Palm Springs a few years ago – every weekend he is at a different convention in America, so surely should come nearby you one day as well. I even had to skip his only UK stop this year a few weekends back as I met William Shatner and others the same weekend in Germany.

        Speaking of Colin Baker – are you a huge TOS fan? And if so, have you heard/tried “Star Trek Continues” yet? I am a huge fan of that. And Colin Baker was in one of their episodes. It is very well and professionally done. If you don’t know it, try it! I promise that after five minutes you will forget that it is not the original.

        I’m happy you liked “Children of Earth”! And then it went all downhill again with “Miracle Day”. Better not talk about that one. Still, the show is not entirely dead, we do get Big Finish audios regularly, and soon also new TW comics written by John and his sister Carole.

      • Great! Hope you liked them. Yeah, he’s in episode 4, “The White Iris”, and very funny. There are also funny outtakes videos. They often have famous guest stars, episode 6 that came out a couple of weeks ago had Gigi Edgley from Farscape. We were able to see it as a world premiere at Fedcon back in May, with Vic Mignogna (the Captain, producer etc.) present.
        Speaking of STC – they also have three short vignettes, one is called “Happy Birthday Scotty” where he gets a case full of new phasers. Yesterday while browsing your page I stumbled about the review of the Malcolm Reed figure from Enterprise, with its phaser gun case. Guess what I ordered immediately… I haven’t even watched Enterprise yet. But I loved the case! Thank you for introducing me to it. I plan to do a story with a little twist, with Zats from Stargate.

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