G.I. JOE: 25th Anniversary Battle Pack #1 by Hasbro, Part 3

Moving on to the second figure in this set, today we’re checking out Shana O’Hara, aka Scarlett. Mmm… Scarlett. Like many children of the 80’s, I had some of my first crushes on cartoon characters. At least I hope I had that in common with other kids. Maybe I was just messed up. That might explain a lot of things about me now. Anyway, I can’t say as Scarlett was my favorite of the 80’s animated hotties, but she was definitely on the list. I might have stood her up for a chance at Baroness or Cover Girl. And while I can never know for sure, I think I owe my lifelong affinity for redheads to Sunbow Scarlett. Let’s see if her 25th Anniversary figure fares any better than Duke. Ok I’ll kill the suspense… yes it does.



Much like Duke, Scarlett’s sculpt is a great compromise between vintage figure and Sunbow design. Her uniform hits all the right points from the red quilted pad and canister grenade on her shoulders to the throwing stars painted and sculpted onto her gloves. The outfit details are much simpler than what we got on Duke, but that’s more because of the simplicity of her character design, rather than laziness in sculpting. I think my only quibble here is the belt that hangs around her waist. I probably could have done without that as it adds a little awkward bulk to her shapely form. In fact, the only thing that keeps me from cutting it off of her is that it has a sculpted quiver of bolts for her crossbow on the back. Nevertheless, just looking at this figure takes me back to playing with my figures as a kid. Scarlett was always on every JOE team I assembled and she was always at the forefront kicking ass and taking names.



Scarlett’s portrait isn’t terribly faithful to either the Sunbow or vintage figure, but it still works for me. She doesn’t have the personality that Duke has. It’s a generic, but fairly pretty face that suits the character well enough. Hasbro’s female head sculpts are always a crap shoot, so I’m not going to complain. Crap Shoot! Why was there never a JOE code named Crap Shoot? There was a Crap Game… no, wait… that was Don Rickles in Kelly’s Heroes.  Where the hell was I? Oh, yeah, Scarlett’s noggin. What does stand out here for me is her awesome red hair, which is tied off into a pony tail of sorts and flows beautifully behind her. Hasbro really nailed her coif perfectly.



The articulation here is almost identical to Duke’s. The key difference is that instead of having double-hinges in the knees, Scarlett has ball joints. Normally I would cry foul, but I find that Scarlett is a lot more poseable than Duke. The big improvement here is the design of her arms, which allows her to bend her elbows and actually hold her weapons in various natural positions. Her heels make it a little tough for her to stand sometimes, but that’s why God invented pegged figure stands.



And speaking of weapons, Scarlett comes with two. You get her signature crossbow and a small automatic pistol. The crossbow comes in two parts and has a tendency to fall apart a lot when playing with it. Apart from that it looks great, right down to the tiny sculpted bolt. The pistol is much smaller than Duke’s and she can hold it great in either hand, but there’s nowhere to put it and it becomes rather superfluous, especially since she has a pistol sculpted into her belt. Oh yeah, Scarlett also comes with a personalized display stand.


The 25th Anniversary Scarlett isn’t perfect, but she is pretty damn good. She’s also my favorite Scarlett figure to date and that’s saying something because there have been quite a few. I would have loved to see bicep and thigh swivels on this figure, but even without them she’s still fun to pose, looks great in action, and is just an all-around fun figure that satisfies both the vintage and Sunbow fan in me. Tomorrow we’re moving on to the third figure in the set and one that has become something of a controversial character to me… Snake Eyes!

4 comments on “G.I. JOE: 25th Anniversary Battle Pack #1 by Hasbro, Part 3

  1. A very nice and harmonious figure, in my collection she’s the definitive Scarlett. And, for Hasbro’s standars, she’s a female with a very pretty face!

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