LEGO Movie: Bad Cop’s Pursuit (#70802) by LEGO

The LEGO movie gets its home release today and it seemed like as good a time as any to start looking at some of the sets from the movie that are piling up in the corner. If you didn’t catch the movie while it was in the cinemas, I highly recommend checking it out. I actually wound up going to see it only because some friends were going and I was blown away by how well it was done. We’ve had lots of movies based of toys lately, from Transformers to G.I. JOE to Battleship, and none of those treated the source property with as much clever reverence as this movie did. And it’s about building blocks. Think about that for a moment. In this case, the movie is not only entertaining, but it dealt with some great aspects of LEGO philosophy. Do we build the sets as they were meant to be built or let our creative freak flags fly and do our own thing? Here’s a tip, if I had government secrets that enemy agents wanted, all they would have to do is tie me to a chair and start mixing my Lego sets into a big box in front of me. I would be reduced to a jibbering mess in a few seconds. The film also applied the analogy to real life and people who follow the rules vs people who tend to rebel and how the two play out in a society based on control. Yep, that’s all in there… in a LEGO movie. Meanwhile, the Transformers movies had toilet humor. Anyway, I’m starting out with Bad Cop’s Pursuit, because I have a thing for flying cars and I really liked Bad Cop’s ride.



There’s nothing too special about the box. It’s landscaped in orientation and does a good job of showing you what you’re going to get. Inside you get three bags of bricks containing a total of 314 pieces, a small sticker sheet, and the instruction booklet. When all is done you get to build the police vehicle, a piece of the railway bridge, two police alligators, and two minifigs. As always, let’s start with the minifigs!



This is a good starter set because you get the hero, Emmett, and the villain, Bad Cop, right off the bat. Ok, actually Bad Cop is the villain’s henchman, but he had a strong presence in the movie. Both figures are well done. Emmett features the Kregle piece on his back, although it seems to only attach upside down. It recall the hollow end pointing up in the movie. No biggie. He also has two printed faces, one happy and one scared. Bad Cop also looks great. He has a gun and his police helmet. Naturally, his double printed face features both Bad Cop and Good Cop. I love it!


I suppose you can count the Police Alligators as minifigs. You get two of them and together they do take up 14 pieces in the set’s total count. Not too bad. I still don’t get where the Police Gators came from. They were just sort of there, but the randomness alone made the scene hilarious. Plus, you can always pull the police lights off them and repurpose them for other sets.




Speaking of repurposing, the first bag of pieces builds the part of the railway bridge and I’m kind of “meh” over this part of the set. Don’t get me wrong, it’s well done and all, but it just kind of stands there as this disjointed piece of a bigger scene. The bridge has a play gimmick where if you stand a minifig on the end and pull the lever on the back, the front part of the tracks will collapse and drop the figure. There’s also a tiny LEGO frog sitting on one of the rocks under the bridge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a LEGO frog before. Cool. Most likely I’ll repurpose this to one of my Lone Ranger sets. Oh, shit… I still have some Lone Ranger sets I haven’t built yet. Better get on that someday.



The second and third bags build the police vehicle. It’s a great looking build, although I do have one complaint: The hood portion could have used some more support. It’s only being held on by one row of studs and it has a habit of drooping down if you press on the front. That minor structural problem aside I think this is a really cool looking ship that takes me back to the glory days of the Space Police sets. It also makes good use of stickers from the side panels to the “Bad Cop 01” on the roof.


The roof is hinged and opens up to reveal the cockpit. There’s room for one minifig inside and there are also two compartments to stow Bad Cop’s weapon.




The sides panels are hinged and open upward to reveal two fold out sets of guns. I think the way these are designed to fold away is particularly clever.



I enjoyed building this set a lot. It gave me two important characters from the movie and the police vehicle that I wanted. All that having been said, I probably would have designed it differently. Instead of the bridge part, I might have used extra pieces to allow the police vehicle to be built as either a car or the flying car as it was changed in the movie. Still, kids will probably appreciate having the ability to recreate the scene from the movie so I’m sure LEGO knows what they’re doing. At $25 the set seems pretty reasonably priced and it’s certainly got me excited to build more from the movie!

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