Masters of the Universe Classics: Extendar by Mattel

June’s Club Eternia subscription figure arrived a few days ago and I thought I’d go ahead and jump on the opportunity to get him featured and out of the way. He is Extendar and he is quite possibly one of the strongest arguments in favor of wrapping up this whole Club Eternia thing sooner rather than later. Maybe that’s a little harsh, because I truly do adore this line, and I’m sure there are collectors out there who were hoping against hope that Extendar would one day make the cut. More power to you, but for me this release is an example that when it comes to character selection, Matty is starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Yes, Extendar is my first disappointment of the 2014 Sub.


There’s the packaging. We’ve seen it time and again, so I’m not going to dwell on it. The front insert declares that Extendar is indeed the “Heroic Master of Extension” which also happens to be what the ladies call me. At least they do when I goose them an extra fifty bucks for the night. As you can guess from his moniker, Extendar’s claim to fame is that he can extend his cybernetic arms, legs, torso and neck. Yes, this guy pretty much renders Mekaneck completely redundant. “Oh, you can extend your neck? That’s cute. I can extend EVERYTHING!” And yet, part of me is sad that I own this figure and not Mekaneck, because I’m thinking he’s got to be a much better figure than Extendar. Of course, it doesn’t help that the character was a late release in the toyline, which meant that I had virtually no exposure to him at all beyond a faint memory of seeing him advertised on the TV.




In his regular un-extended form, Extendar is a woefully bland figure and that’s a shame because he features a lot of original parts in a line that is famous for recycling. The problem here for me is two-fold. First, the character design is painfully boring and the sculpt does nothing to prop it up. Extendar has a very knightly look with nearly featureless armor and even a faceplate to hide his head sculpt. There are a few flourishes here and there, but in a world full of as many fantastical freaks as Eternia, Extendar is practically unique in how generic and uninteresting he looks. The deco does nothing to pep things up. He features a bare pearlescent plastic with a red belt and some gold paintwork. I’m not a fan of the pearl plastic as it feels super soft and cheap and the gold paintwork on my figure is practically slopped on. Of course, you can jump on me by arguing that he’s being faithful to the vintage figure and I’d have to agree with you, but that doesn’t make me appreciate him any more.




Despite his gimmick, which we’ll get to in a moment, Extendar still manages to retain most of the articulation that has become standard in the Classics line. His chest armor is actually a vest worn over the buck, so that inhibits the ab crunch hinge, but everything else is there. Unfortunately, the plastic is so soft that trying to pose him almost always results in me popping off his arms and legs. And of course, unless you have his head extended, the articulation there is useless.


So, let’s talk about the extending gimmick. While the original toy just let you pull out the limbs by using a sort of telescoping feature, Extendar achieves his extensions by adding pieces to the arms, legs, torso, and neck. It’s the same idea we saw employed with figures like Mekaneck and Strong-Or and while it seemed like an OK substitute for the feature in those figures it feels more bothersome for a figure like Extendar where everything extends. I don’t know, having to keep six extra parts lying around seems like overkill to me. I will at least give some credit to the detail sculpting on the extension pieces. They look better than anything else on the figure. I’ll also grant you that Extendar has a freakishly imposing quality about him when he’s got everything extended out.




To add insult to injury, even Extendar’s accessories are disappointing. The lance and shield are a nice idea to further the knightly motif of the figure, but they each have their own problems. The paintwork on the lance is pretty sloppy and there’s a fair amount of scratching around the grips as if it was put into the figure’s hands already… and a lot. The shield, which is hinged so that it extends outward to become bigger is an interesting idea, but it looks unfinished. A big accessory like that is just screaming for a couple more paint hits. The plastic also has a lot of scratching on it making it look used. Also, what’s with all the hidden peace symbols on this guy? There’s one sculpted into at least one of his extension pieces and you can also clearly see one in the upper right corner of the circuitry pattern on the shield.



Sorry, Extendar… I’m just not digging you. At the very least I can say he looks somewhat interesting standing in the back of my MOTUC display with all his shit extended out. I also dig that you can at least combine two of the arm extenders to get one arm really long. I suppose you could do that for one of his legs too, but there would be really no point. Battle Lion may have been the first character in the 2014 Sub that I didn’t really want to have to buy, but at least he turned out to be an excellent figure. Extendar is the first release this year that I really don’t even want in my collection. Indeed, the only thing that keeps this guy from being the worst figure this line has produced is the existence of releases like Sir Laser-Lot, Cy-Chop, or that total piece of crap, The Mighty Spector. Of course, I wasn’t subbing then, so I didn’t have to buy them.  I’m actually kind of surprised that Matty would release a figure like this in the same month that the 2015 Subscription drive is starting, but then I may very well be in the minority on my general dislike for this figure.

3 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Extendar by Mattel

  1. I enjoyed the original. I always wondered why the peace symbols were on him, too. Along with the peace signs, the original plastic has these almost rainbow swirls in them when the light hits it just right. I always had him act as some kind of hippie-knight hybrid because of that.

    I thought this figure looked like a great sculpt, and I was hoping they’d knock it out of the park with the paint apps and plastic, but I’m not surprised they didn’t.

    I think you’re going to find, as the line winds down, that a lot of the vintage based figures are going to be hit and miss. Aside from Ninjor, the remaining figures are pretty devisive among the fan base, I think.

    • So, the peace symbols were on the original figure too? Weird. But that’s cool to know.

      I think you’ll be proven right about the last year of the sub. My thing with this line is that I’ve always found enjoyment in the figures, even when I cared nothing for or knew nothing about the character. I think in the end Extendar’s design and gimmick just failed to grab me.

      But when you consider that I have a 6ft tall bookcase full of MOTUC figures, he’s really just one disappointment in a huge collection of figures. That’s a pretty good track record!

  2. Master of Extension. Too funny. I put that lame Geldor from last year in my Toys for Tots donation pile. I’m tempted to stick Extendar here in that pile too. Or maybe I should whipsaw the other way and try to pick up Sir LaserLot to battle this guy. I’ve been subbing for 2 years and yeah I don’t think I’m doing that again. I’ll be fine to pick up figures I want on Day of Sale or on Amazon. I can’t imagine that the competition will be that stiff for the Mike Young Productions anime New Adventures of HeMan figures I would like to get if they’re put out. I’m looking at you sweet Mara and sweet, sweet Drizzie.

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