Resident Evil: Masterpiece Ada Wong Sixth-Scale Figure by Hot Toys, Part 2

Yesterday I kicked off my look at Hot Toys’ Ada Wong figure. We covered the figure and the outfit and a few of the accessories, but today we’re going to go into full accessory overload, because this chick comes packed with a lot of goodies. Indeed, I’d say have to say that I haven’t had this many accessories bundled with a Hot Toys figure since I bought Resident Evil Alice way back when.



Let’s start out with what is probably Ada’s most signature sidearm and that’s her grapple gun. The detail on this piece is quite spectacular right down to the pearl handles and the ring up front where the cord coils up inside. It actually looks like some kind of crazy steampunk weapon. I honestly can’t remember what this gun looked like in the game, but I did go back and watch Resident Evil Retribution recently and this accessory is the spitting image of the gun used by Ada in the film.


The grapple gun comes with two separate grapple hooks. There’s a retracted one that fits into the barrel if you want to pose her ready to fire. You also get the deployed grapple on the end of a string with a little plug that drops into the barrel of the gun. The plug simply pulls right out, so you can’t actually use it to support any weight, but as great a display as it would make, I doubt I would trust it to be hanging the figure from it even if it did.





Next up is Ada’s crossbow and this is a truly impressive piece. It’s quite large and features actual string rigging and a foot stirrup. There’s a removable bolt so you can display it loaded or unloaded and the bolt can be pegged in two different positions, cocked and un-cocked.


I absolutely love the work that went into this weapon and it’s very probably the piece that I’m going to display her with the most. It’s worth noting that as front-heavy as this piece is, Ada’s hands and ratcheting joints are strong enough to hold it in a firing position without any trouble.



Of course, sometimes you want to bring something to the party with a little more oompf than a crossbow, and that’s where Ada’s M1928 drum-fed Thompson sub-machine gun comes into play. Oh yeah! I’ve always loved the Thompson and as impressive as the crossbow is, this gun is the real gem of the set for me. It’s absolutely friggin gorgeous and really outshines the one that came with my First Avenger Captain America. Yeah, they are different models, but this one is just so beautifully detailed that I can’t stop admiring it. If it wasn’t for the drum, I’d probably give it to Cap.



Obviously the drum is removable and you get that great exposed painted bullet peeking out of the top. There’s also a flip up site on the back. The finish on the metal and the wooden grips is just superb. Is there anything sexier than a hot chick holding a vintage sub-machine gun? I don’t think so. I love this thing more than any human being should love a sixth-scale toy weapon. Hang on, let me take a cold shower and smoke a cigarette…




OK. Better. The last of the weapons in Ada’s arsenal is the shotgun, and this is the only piece in the whole set that feels like it was just tossed in to beef things up. Not that this set really needed any beefing up. The weapon features a second hand grip under the barrel so Ada can easily wield it with both hands.


The shotgun is a totally static piece, so you can’t work the action on it so it doesn’t have quite the same gravitas as the pistol or the Thompson, but it’s still a solid sculpt with some nice weathering. It’s not a weapon that I tend to associate with Ada, which also makes it feel like a bit of an afterthought. But, hey, free shotgun! What the hell am I complaining about?




And we’re not done yet, because you also get her briefcase with a whole bunch of stuff in it. I presume the vials are samples of the virus, but I have no idea what the other stuff in here is. What I do know is everything tiny piece comes out and everything is super detailed and all nestled in foam. Very impressive!




And with that, I’m spent. In the end, I can comfortably say that I am delighted that I bought this figure because she certainly represents a wonderful effort from Hot Toys. I will certainly admit that she’s a strange release, as she comes from a game that was out years ago and even the movie she was featured in is now old news. Nonetheless, I’m glad they got her released because Alice is a lot less lonely on my shelf now. Still, I am surprised that Hot Toys released Ada at such a high price point. Don’t get me wrong, even at $199 I think she’s worth every penny, but I don’t think the fan demand for this figure is going to be there. The up side of that is that I’m sure she’ll turn up at e-tailers discounted later on down the road, so I’m hoping enough collectors get to pick her up and appreciate what a great figure she is.

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