Guardians of the Galaxy Legends: Nova by Hasbro

Well, it took me long enough, but I’m finally getting to the last figure in the Marvel Legends GotG Wave: Nova. Wait, didn’t I already look at this figure? Oh, right that was the Marvel Universe version. Yes, I continue to find it odd just how many characters Hasbro is releasing in both the 6-inch and 3 ¾-inch formats and how close together these releases are. It’s possible to wander down a toy aisle right now and find a Marvel Universe Red She-Hulk hanging next to a Legends She-Hulk on Clearance. At the same time, you could probably find a Marvel Universe Nova on clearance beside this Legends version. It’s been going on ever since Marvel Legends came back and I think it’s a bit weird, but that doesn’t stop me from buying the same character in both formats. As I start moving into featuring the Marvel Infinite figures we’ll see a lot more of this curious phenomenon.


Here’s the packaging and we’ve seen it enough times now to give it a quick look and move on. With no accessories apart from one of Groot’s spindly limbs, the package looks a little light inside, but we’ll try not to hold it against him. Nova’s been getting a lot of attention lately and I think that’s a good thing. Will Richard Rider actually appear in the GotG movie? Well the rumor that Nathon Fillion is playing him has been quashed, so the answer to that question remains to be seen. At this point it’s probably safe to chalk this figure up as a comic tie-in much like the Iron Man figure we looked at last time, although it’s not the current Marvel NOW! look of the character and it’s also not what the Nova Corps will be wearing in the movie.



Laying aside the context of the outfit, I think this Nova is a really great looking figure. The design of the suit is identical to the one featured in the Marvel Universe version, however, Hasbro makes use of every advantage of the larger scale. The biggest improvement is in the gold armor bits. The spires on his legs and arms aren’t all floppy like on the smaller figure and that’s a huge plus. Hasbro also went all out and put the shoulder armor on hinged arms so that it doesn’t interfere with the arm articulation. It’s the same concept they tried with the GotG Iron Man figure, only it works much better here and they don’t pop off when posing him.


The sculpt here is pretty involved and features all sorts of panel lining on the suit itself, particularly in the torso. Everything that’s painted is also part of the actual sculpt and that always goes a long way to add to the figure’s credibility. The head features a very pronounced starburst stuck on to the front, which looks good, and I can’t help but get a strong Judge Dredd vibe from the exposed portion of Rider’s face.


The coloring on this figure is quite striking. The combination of sparkly blue plastic used for the bulk of the costume and the metallic gold on the armor is extremely effective. I’m not quite as keen on the bare gold plastic used for the belt and the helmet. I think they should have been painted to match the rest of the armor, but I can live with the difference.




Nova sports most of the articulation that I’ve come to expect and love in this line. The arms are ball jointed at the shoulders, double hinged at the elbows, hinged at the wrists, and there are swivels in the biceps. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, double hinged at the knees, and have swivels in the thighs. The ankles feature both hinges and lateral rockers. The torso can swivel at the waist and has a ratcheting ab-crunch, and the neck is both ball jointed and hinged. All the joints on this figure feel good and he’s lots of fun to pose.



Nova is a very welcome addition to my Legends shelf. The only really bad thing about him is that he exposes all the problems with his smaller Universe version. But unlike the Iron Man figure, I would have still happily picked up Nova even if he didn’t come with a part that I needed to build Groot. Overall, I’d say this was my favorite wave of Legends in a while, but I think that has more to do with how excited I am for the movie. Like the Winter Soldier wave, it still had its ups and downs, and I’m still hoping in vain that we might get a second wave with Nebula and Ronin and a movie version Nova Corps. I’m tempted to say they could have given us those characters with swap out variants, but then I’m still hunting for an AIM and Hydra soldier at a good price. That whole variant concept has done more harm than good and I’d like to see the end of it. Anyway, now that I’m pretty much caught up on my Legends, I’m going to start digging into the new Marvel Universe Infinite line, and I’ll start doing that at the end of the week!

6 comments on “Guardians of the Galaxy Legends: Nova by Hasbro

  1. A funny thing happened on the way to work on May 16th- my office building lerched and we were sent home to ride out the repairs…for 7 weeks!! Not sure why I didn’t read FigureFan whilst on vacation, I mean forced telework but man I got 7 weeks of FigureFan to get caught up on.
    Anyway this figure is sweet. Granted I’m hesitant to buy this series (at $20-$25 per figure) and have been toying with the idea of just buying the Hasbro Battlizer Groot for $10 and calling it a day! Ha! Also I got to dig out my old Toybiz Nova and get reacquainted.
    Funny haul at Ross last week. I found the Marvel Universe comic 3pack of Starlord, Drax, and Rocket for $10 and it also included a teenie tiny Groot in a flower pot that can be used with either my 3 3/4 or 6″ figures. I don’t collect the smaller scale figures too often but I do love to add to my collection (which is mostly old ToyBiz Superhero Showdown) in that $3-$7/figure sweet spot at places like Ross, Marshalls, 5below, TJMaxx, etc.

    • Nice!!! I haven’t hit Ross in a while, I need to do that again. I really dig that MU Guardians 3-pack. It’s crazy that Hasbro is repacking those as individual carded figures in the Infinite line at $10 a pop, especially when the 3-pack can be had on clearance.

  2. I could really use the MU Fantastic Four 3pack (+ HERBIE) that came out at the same time as the Guardians 3pack. I can’t remember what TRU was charging for these last year- $20? $30? Either way I didn’t pay attention but of all my 3 3/4″ Marvel action figures the ToyBiz Sue Richards has the fugliest face of any of my female action figures in any scale and it still bothers me. A lot of my old ToyBiz Superhero Showdown figures have limbs that pop off easily but the sculpts are awesome; whereas ToyBiz’s 3 3/4″ Sue Richards took a real beatdown by the ugly stick. And with my 3 3/4″ FF team driving the Hasbro 3 piece movie Dodge HoverCar toy it looks illegal to have a team member with obvious impairments behind one of the wheels.
    The Ross near me had 2 MU Guardian packs but I didn’t see the FF pack. If you need me to grab the MU Guardians 3pack for you let me know.

  3. Hasbro loves & hates. I picked up their recent Hydra Agent which was a nice addition to the corps. as I had one of the older Hasbro Hydra. But I still have not seen an AIM action figure. Or I did see the package but it was always Toy Aisle Trolled with an old WWE action figure swapped out and hung back on the Target peg for re-sale. Nice. Looks like my collection will be AIMless. heh, heh

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