S.H. Figuarts: Sailor Mercury by Bandai Tamashii Nations

It’s been a couple of weeks since I kicked off my look at S.H. Figuarts’ Sailor Moon series with Sailor Moon herself. I’ve now got a few of these Sailor Scouts piling up on my receivings stack so let’s go ahead and check out another one of these Pretty Sailor Soldiers. I might as well stick to tradition and tackle them in the order that they appeared in the anime as I’m pretty sure that’s the order in which they’ve been released. So that means the next one up is Sailor Mercury! I went really long with Sailor Moon because it was the first figure in this series, but I’m going to try to tone it down a bit here since we know a lot of what to expect. So if you haven’t read my review of Sailor Moon, I’d recommend it before moving on to Mercury.


In the original anime, Mercury didn’t turn up until about eight episodes in and that timing was pretty good, because as I recall her appearance gave the series the jolt I needed to keep watching it. I thought the whole dynamic of having more than one Sailor Scout made things more interesting, but I also think the episodes just got better. At the time I was first watching these, “Brainwashing School of Terror” was probably my favorite episode to date. It wasn’t just because of Mercury (oh, how I dig Mercury!), but there was just a lot of funny stuff in it and everybody just seemed to be bringing their A-game… even Luna!


The packaging here is quite similar to what we saw with Sailor Moon. It’s a compact little window box that shows off the figure nicely and features a bright and colorful deco that is meant to reflect the character, so in this case you get a lot more blue to go with that pink and yellow. Mercury’s box is a bit thinner than Sailor Moon’s, probably because she doesn’t come with as much stuff. As before, the box is totally collector friendly and the figure comes on a clear plastic tray with the stand behind the tray and all her extra bits spread out around her.





And here she is… Mercury may be a super genius tech geek, but she’s still as cute as a button. I expected a lot of parts sharing between her and Sailor Moon and while there’s certainly some of that going on, I’m satisfied with the new stuff, which includes little tweaks to her boots and ribbons. She also stands slightly taller than Sailor Moon, which is a lovely touch. The deco on her outfit features the same great pearlescent white plastic as Sailor Moon with some sharp looking blue.



As with Sailor Moon, Mercury comes with three additional faces and a slew of different hands. The faces are similar to what we saw last time. You get a neutral, a serious, a shouty face (perfect for BUBBLE SPRAY!!!) and a very happy one. You get a total of five pairs of hands, each set carefully crafted for a specific pose, plus one extra left hand designed to hold her computer…



Yes, you actually get two versions of the “supercomputer” that Luna gave to Mercury. I love that scene where Luna basically says, “here you might as well take this because Usagi would have no idea what to do with it.” Ha! I love that bit. Anyway, one of the computers is closed and one is open.


And then there’s her visor… here’s what it looks like… on the box. Unfortunately that will have to do for this feature because I freaking lost mine. The one downside of these trays is that they have a tendency to send pieces flying when you pull them apart. It’s ironic that with nine tiny hands in there it was the significantly larger visor that has gone missing. I’m still hoping it’ll turn up, but considering I just noticed it was missing when I started shooting I have no idea where or when it fell out of the tray. It’s possibly already forever lost in the cat’s hidden treasure trove of stolen action figure parts. God, that pisses me off.


The stand is the same clear plastic heart shaped affair that came with Sailor Moon only with a new deco to match Mercury. You get her symbol along with her name and some nice decorative scrollwork all printed in blue on the base. The support arm is hinged in three places, can swivel at the base and has hinged grabby parts to support the characte around the torso.



With two Sailor Scouts on my shelf so far, and two more waiting to be opened, I’m really excited to keep collecting this line. Mercury is another fantastic figure, although it both pisses me off and breaks my heart to know that she’s now incomplete. If the lost visor doesn’t turn up eventually, it’ll probably bug me enough to pick up a new figure with the missing visor and when I do I’ll be sure to post an update to this feature. When next I circle back to this line, we’ll be checking out Sailor Mars!!!


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