Red Hood and the Outlaws: Arsenal by DC Collectibles

I had intended to get back to this assortment of figures last week with a look at Starfire, but unfortunately my figure had other ideas. The right arm twisted off at the shoulder and her shoulder pads went flying, I know not where. I’m working on getting a replacement and I’ll still be working all of those poor QC shenanigans into that review. In the meantime, let’s skip ahead to Roy Harper, aka. Arsenal.



It’s the same box we saw when I looked at Red Hood. It’s pretty dull and boring, but it does show off the figure fairly well and it is collector friendly if you like to hang on to dull and boring packaging. Also, my Arsenal’s bow was rattling around loose in the package. The best thing about the box is the illustration of the figure on the side panel in case you want to store the boxes lined up on the shelf. Like Red Hood, I took a lot of care removing Arsenal from the tray as these figures do feel rather delicate. Ironically, Starfire felt like the most robust of the bunch and she’s the one that didn’t last.



While I really dig Red Hood’s look in this comic, I’m a little more iffy on Arsenal’s design. He kind of looks like Terry Bogard from King of Fighters is cosplaying as Speedy. On the other hand, part of me thinks it’s so crazy that it works. I don’t know. If I was a much bigger fan of the character I would probably be insulted by this look, but The Outlaws is the first book I’ve invested time in with him as a regular character, so I guess I’m on board.



Whatever my verdict on the character design, it’s hard to find fault in the way DCC translated it into action figure form.The outfit consists of lightly rumpled pants and a chestpate with sculpted muscles. The boots and gloves are painted with metallic red, which contrasts quite nicely with the matte red used for the rest of the outfit. Arsenal features two quivers, one hangs off his belt and the other is worn on his back and both are well stocked with arrows permanently sculpted into them.


The portrait here is prettty good and suits the character well. You get his domino mask sculpted and painted onto the face as well as the party-end of his mullet and his copious sideburns. The whole ensemble is topped off with a trucker’s cap. He looks like someone you might find next to you at a diner at 3am eating pancakes at the counter. My only complaint here is that his expression is fairly blank. I think they should have given him a bit of a cocky smirk, but I still like what we got.



I’ve already mentioned the deco of the outfit, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about what a nice job DCC did on his tatts. They’re tampo’d onto both his shoulders and biceps and are neat and crisp and look great.



Arsenal’s articulation is solid but not exceptional. The shoulders have rotating hinges, which use the same brittle clear plastic as my poor Starfire. Luckily Arsenal’s shoulders don’t seem to have any problems. The elbows are hinged and there are swivels in his gloves. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, hinged at the knees and ankles, and have swivels at the boots. Lastly, the neck is ball jointed and there’s actually a swivel in his cap so you can turn it all the way around as he sometimes wears it that way in the comic. Very cool! There may or may not be a swivel in the waist, but if there is, mine is stuck, so I’ve got no torso articulation at all.



Naturally Arsenal comes with his bow, which is painted with the same metallic red paint used for his boots, and features a real string. You also get a gadget arrow. The articulation makes it impossible to pose him while knocking the arrow, but you can still get some decent enough poses out of him.




If you’re a fan of The Outlaws book, I’d definitely recommend picking up this figure. DCC did a beautiful job on him and I’m happy to say there’s no ugly QC issues to speak of. He looks great when displayed with Red Hood and hopefull even better when I can get an unbroken Starfire to go with them. Speaking of which, it may be a couple of weeks before I get a replacement Starfire, so the next time I revisit the DC Collectibles New 52 line it will be with their World’s Finest 2-pack of Huntress and Power Girl.

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