Masters of the Universe Classics: Sweet Bee by Mattel

Once again, I find Matty Sale Day rapidly approaching while trying to play catch up with last month’s figures. In addition to the previously featured Light Hope an Eldor, October also gave us Sweet Bee, not to be confused with Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not that anyone is likely to make that mistake as Sweet Bee is exactly what her name suggests she is… a bee lady, albeit not quite to the extent that Buzz Off is a bee man.


There’s the packaging. Nothing new to see here. Sweet Bee includes the “Princess of Power” sticker on the front and she looks great inside the bubble. And check out that groan-inducing tag line… “Honey of a Guide!” Ugh. Her wings come detached and sealed on the back of the card just like Flutterina’s. Let’s get her open!



Sweet Bee strikes me as a big departure from the last Etherian lady I looked at, Entrapta. Her outfit features a much simpler sculpt and a more focused color pallet. She’s basically just sporting a yellow dress with a black belt and black trim on the skirt. There’s a sculpted pink crest on her chest that’s vaguely insect-like in an abstract sort of way. She has orange-brown wrist bracers and tights and yellow boots with sculpted strapping tied around them. I think the colors on the outfit work pretty well, even if they aren’t all that exciting. I do wish the straps on the boots were painted black as it would have added a little more excitement as well as help to enhance the black and yellow bee motif.


Yes, the head sculpt features a portrait that is still very evocative of the rest of the ladies in this line. It’s a very similar facial structure that we’ve been seeing since Teela and Adora. I know I say this every time, but I think it’s worth repeating. The dudes in this line have far more unique facial features than the ladies. That having been said, there’s something a little off about this one. The lips and eyes seem too big and the eyebrows are mighty beefy looking. There’s also some mold flashing on her jawline, which annoys me. Her orange hair looks like its fashioned out of modeling clay and the pink paint around her headband is slopped all over the hair. Granted, you have to get in pretty close to really notice a lot of this stuff, but it still feels like the QC on Sweet Bee’s noggin has taken a dive.


Speaking of her hair, Sweet Bee’s orange hair is sculpted with two parts in the back to allow for the wings to plug in. It’s the same sort of thing we saw with Flutterina and it has the same limiting effect on the neck articulation. The wings cast in semi-translucent pink plastic and attach via rotating hinges that peg into the sockets on her back. They look great, but the hair really renders the articulation on the connection pointless. Nonetheless, as much as it sounds like I’m griping about the way the wings work, I can’t see any other way they could have done it.


Sweet Bee comes with three accessories: A gun, a shield, and an alternate helmeted head. The shield is the same PoP shield we’ve seen over and over again. It’s sculpted in yellow plastic with a yellow crystal. I do like that Mattel sprung for the gold paint apps for the ornamentation, although I’d rather they spent that money on black paint for the boot straps. Yeah, I’m still dwelling on that! Still, you don’t always get the extra paint hit on these shields so I guess that’s something.



I’m not a big fan of the bee gun. Yeah, it’s a bee-themed gun, I’m OK with that, but the way the stinger droops on the end makes me wonder if it can shoot straight. It just comes off as pretty dopey looking. Yes, I realize that I’m complaining that the bee lady’s weapon is too goofy. I’m not suggesting we give her an AK-47 painted with black and yellow striping. I’m just saying I think there could have been a happier compromise.




And then there’s the helmet head, which is also an odd piece. It’s basically just a bucket with antenna and a huge blue face shield. It’s overly simple and it reminds me of the Morolians from SEGA’s Space Channel 5. Also, where does all the hair go when she’s wearing it? Does she get it all tucked up in there? On the plus side, displaying her with the helmeted head opens up more articulation for the wings.



I’ve made it no secret that I’ve been more excited by the Princess of Power ladies lately than the main Masters line, but it didn’t work out that way this month. That’s not all Sweet Bee’s fault, she just head some really tough competition going up against two excellent figures like Eldor and Light Hope. And I’m not saying I hate this figure. Even with the questionable head sculpt and unappealing gun, I still dig her. She’s colorful and fun and she looks great standing with the other ladies of the Rebellion or just chilling with her fellow winged warrior, Flutterina. So long as I can keep Buzz Off from trying to pollinate with her, she’ll be a solid addition to my Princess of Power shelf.

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