Star Wars Black: Imperial Sandtrooper (Black Paldron) by Hasbro

Alrighty Toyhounds, last week was a rough one for me, but I’m back in the saddle and ready to start churning out the daily content again. Today’s agenda? Some unfinished business… namely the final figure in the most recent wave of Hasbro’s Star Wars 6-inch Black line. Yup, it’s a second version of the Sandtrooper we got way back in the first wave. Sure, some may balk at the fact that this is just a repack of that first Sandtrooper with the paldron painted black, but I’m pretty OK with variants of troop builders, especially when you consider that the next upcoming wave features a straight repack of that terrible Prequel Obi-Wan figure. Anyway, this is a good figure for me to ease myself back into the swing of things because I’ve already looked at the original HERE, and I’m just going to do some comparisons, rather than a full write-up.


But first… there he is in the package. We’ve now seen the slightly tweaked packaging for a full wave now so it isn’t really new anymore. The tray inside is packed with extras. I remember seeing the original Wave 1 Sandtrooper and thinking how great it was that Hasbro was going to be accessorizing the hell out of these 6-inch figures. Yeah, that hasn’t really been the case since. Anyway, there are some clear rubber bands to deal with, otherwise the Sandtrooper is fairly easy to get out and the box is collector friendly.


This new release features the exact same sculpt as the previous Sandtrooper, and it should once again be noted that there are a few differences between this mold and the regular flavor Stormtrooper. It’s a fantastic sculpt and while the articulation does run at odds with the armor in a few places, it’s still a fun figure to play around with. The weathering is different between the two figures, which certainly makes it look more credible when displaying the figures side by side. Orange Paldron Trooper has a lot more of it, although my Black Paldron Trooper has a black dot on his helmet.


The backpacks are identical in both sculpt and paint. You get the same ammo pouch that slings over the left shoulder and the backpack pegs right into the back of the figure. Damn, those things look heavy.


Weapons include the standard E-11 Blaster. Sadly there’s still no holster for it like there is with the regular Stormtroopers. I won’t complain too much about that because it might be that the Sandtroopers didn’t have them? I’m sure someone can enlighten me on that one.


Next, you get the same bipod rifle that came with the original Sandtrooper. I like the paint job on this a lot. It has a nice weathered metal look to it.


Lastly, you get the chunkier rifle with the shoulder strap. Yeah, I’m using official Star Wars weapon nomenclature there! This is probably my favorite of the weapons as it slings onto the shoulder quite well and it just looks more intimidating than the leaner rifle.


And so, this variant Sandtrooper holds no surprises. He was a great figure the first time around and he’s still just as good here. I tend to prefer the orange paldron version, just because that’s the one prominently in view in “A New Hope” when they stop Luke and Obi-Wan at the checkpoint, but I wouldn’t be picky about getting another black paldron figure if I come across him in the wild. I have three regular 6-inch Stormtroopers and that seems like a good number to shoot for.


The next wave of Star Wars Black consists of a Clone Commander, Yoda, a Tie Fighter Pilot, and a repack of that awful Prequel Obi-Wan figure. I’d be perfectly fine getting the three new figures, but I’ve decided that there’s no way in hell I’m going to reward Hasbro’s practice of forcing collectors to buy a double of a terrible figure for the convenience of getting the rest of the wave without having to hunt for it. So, I’ll likely wind up paying a premium for the Tie Fighter Pilot, maybe picking up Yoda when he goes on clearance, and the Clone Commander can go to hell.

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