Masters of the Universe Classics: Slush Head by Mattel

As promised, I’ve got lots of MOTUC figures to look at on my receivings pile and I just got shipping notice for the December figures. There’s no end in sight!!! I’ve been on a New Adventures kick lately, so rather than buck that trend, today we’re checking out the last of the Space Mutants that I have waiting to be opened. It’s Slush Head, which was coincidentally a term that my brother and I used to use when one of us drank our Slushee too fast and got a migraine. “Ha Ha! You have Slush Head!” Yeah. Anyway, this guy is joining he fellow evil Space Mutants, Optikk, Karatti and Flogg on my quickly expanding New Adventures shelf!


There he is filling out his package rather admirably. The bubble has the “Space Mutants” sticker on it and tag line is “Scaly Goon Squad Thug.” The bio on the back labels him as a swamp creature from Denebria’s dreaded Quagmire Swamp and points out that that head dome of his is indeed full of stinking swamp water. Fun! As with most of the Space Mutants, I know nothing about this character, but he looked like a rather fun fellow, so I picked him up during Matty’s Cyber Monday Sale. Let’s rip him open and see what he’s all about!



I have to confess, I love the idea of a reverse diving suit. That is to say, a suit that is full of water so that an aquatic creature can walk around on dry land. You don’t see it too often, and maybe that’s why I still find it bizarre and original. Slush Head is wearing just such an apparatus that allows him to keep breathing in that stanky swamp water while hob-nobbing with us air breathers. His suit consists of a vest with a metallic back pack and the clear dome. There’s even a removable plug on the back of the dome if you want to actually fill it with some kind of liquid. The side of the package even encourages you to do this because it’s fun. Well, you convinced me! I live in Florida, so it shouldn’t be hard to find some authentic swamp water. The suit is rounded out by a pair of lower leggings with fins and what appear to be propulsion jets.


I really dig the parts of Slush Head’s skin that are exposed. He’s got a reptilian texture to his torso and shoulders and the rest of his skin is just smooth and green. He has ridges on his thighs and forearms and webbed feet and claws. Off hand, I think I recognize Merman’s feet, but apart from that I’m not going to try to place the rest of the parts that Mattel used to make this guy. Maybe I see some Whiplash in there? Suffice it to say, whatever they cobbled together to make Slush Head works on every conceivable level. I also really dig the coloring on this figure. The green skin tone is rather muted, especially when compared to the day-glo color of Karatti’s skin. It mixes with the blue and silver quite nicely.



I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his disgusting head, which is basically a dome of flesh within a dome. Slush Head’s got a pair of bulging eyes and a permanent snarl that makes him look half crazy with rage. He kind of reminds me of Acturus from the Doctor Who story “The Curse of Peladon.” No, he really does. That wasn’t just an excuse to throw in a hipster Doctor Who reference. As far as noggins go, this one oozes personality and probably a few other nasty things. I should also note that the head is permanently encased in the clear dome. You can take off Slush Head’s suit, but if you do the head goes with it and therefore head movement is excluded from the regular points of MOTUC articulation, which Slush Head otherwise conforms to.



Slush Head also sports a pair of mechanical claws that plug into the sides of his backpack, because this guy wasn’t crazy looking enough without metal tentacles coming out of him. One of the claws is articulated, the other is not, but both are suitable for grabbing other MOTUC figures. I haven’t decided if I’m going to display this guy with the mechanical limbs or not. They do take up a lot of space and I’m tempted to just imagine that they can be fully retracted and display him without them.



You still want more? OK, Slush Head also comes with a weapon that doubles as both a battleax and a trident gun. Yeah, I know… we just saw a gun-ax combo with Karatti, but I’m not complaining because this one is even cooler. Seriously, I love the design on this weapon. It’s crazy original and suits the character really well.





And so there you have it. Another day, another Space Mutant. I really have taken a liking to these guys. Their designs are all just so batshit crazy and Slush Head here really is the looney icing on that crazy cake. I think it’s great that Skeletor left Eternia, went into space, and found even weirder henchmen to do his bidding and I’m really starting to come to grips with the fact that I need to get a New Adventures He-Man to fight all these space bastards. Ugh! Anyway, there’s plenty more MOTUC figures for next week, although I’ll be taking a break from the New Adventures stuff to look at some more conventional characters.

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