Masters of the Universe Classics: Plundor by Mattel

I’m continuing to make my way through the large stack of MOTUC figures that sits in the corner waiting to be opened. I’ve gone through three New Adventures themed figures in the last couple weeks, but now I’m pulling it back to something more conventional. And nothing says conventional like an evil purple rabbit. I seem to remember a lot of complaining on the He-Man boards when this guy was revealed and I can’t for the life of me understand why. First of all, he was a prominent Filmation villain, at least in one episode, and secondly if the idea of an evil purple rabbit-man is too bizarre for you, then why are you even bothering with this action figure line? It frightens me to think that there are people out there saying, “Woah! I’ll take a crab man and a guy with a robot elephant head, but rabbit people is where I draw the line. That’s just stupid!”


Here he is in all his packaged glory. Please note the greatest tag line for any Masters figure, ever… “Evil Rabbit Seeking Riches.” It sounds like a personal listing on Craig’s List. I love it! The bio on the back recounts “The Quest for He-Man” an episode that I can actually remember quite well probably because it was batshit crazy even by Masters standards. It was also a thinly veiled PSA about how evil corporations are trying to destroy the environment in search of the almighty dollar. I’d like to know what the gang at Filmation was smoking that made them decide that the personification of corporate greed is a purple bunny rabbit. And those of you still complaining that we got this figure should just thank the Gods of Eternia that Matty didn’t give us a Gleedal figure, which was basically a woman with a smoking hot body and a bird’s head. As an adolescent boy a the time, I don’t mind admitting that chick confused the hell out of me and certain parts of my anatomy. I think I should open the figure now.



On a lot of levels, Plundor is a very simple figure. You get a hairy sculpted buck with boots and gloves. He isn’t wearing the traditional hairy barbarian diaper either. Instead you just get a smooth set of undies with a belt. The bulk of his outfit is the single piece that rests on his shoulders and protrudes down to his belt, and yes if you pop off his head it is removable. Of course, the fact that this lavendar man-rabbit is just wearing a little leather and shows off so much of his ‘roided out physique makes him all the more unsettling in my eyes, but if you want to go for the bare chested look, have at it.


Of course, most of Plundor’s personality rests in that delightful head sculpt, which I think is up there with some of the MOTUC series’ best work. It straddles a creepy line between cartoon lunacy and pure evil. The yellow soul-piercing eyes, buried under that furry, disapproving brow is pure poetry. I also love the evil smile punctuated by those two glimmering white buck teeth. The hair on his head is a little tostled and I love the way his one ear is bent down. In terms of scary looking rabbits, he’s not quite up there with the Hat Trick Rabbit from the Twilight Zone movie, but he’s certainly memorable. This is most definitely the visage of a rabbit who is going to rape your planet’s ecosystem just to make a few bucks so he can buy the finest things in life. Or probably rabbit-hookers.


Articulation here is standard for the MOTUC line. The arms have rotating hinges at the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivels at the biceps and wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, have hinges at the knees and ankles, and there are swivels near the hips and again at the boots. Plundor features a swivel at the waist, ab crunch hinge in the torso, and a ball jointed neck.



Plundor comes with a couple of cool weapons. First off we get this double-bladed battle axe thing with a crystal ball on the top. I don’t remember this thing from the episode, and a little research tells me it’s actually intended to be one of Skeletor’s weapons, which makes sense. I like it, as the crystal ball can be used for gazing or shooting magic beams while the axe is still plenty functional. It’s kind of a fantasty multi-tool. Not only is it a decent sculpt, but I appreciate the metallic paint on the edges, especially when a lot of the more recent weapons in this line could have used more paint hits.




For me, the real star of the accessories is Plundor’s awesome little laser-sub-machine-gun. This thing has a great retro sci-fi flavor and I really dig that it can be held in both hands. It’s exactly the kind of weapon I would imagine a purple man-rabbit-gangsta would be toting around. The sculpt features decent detail for what is supposed to be an animated style Filmation weapon and we actually get some silver paint hits, which once again are greatly appreciated. I may put a strap on it so that he can sling it across his back.



And so you can love him or hate him, but eitehr way I count myself among the members of Team Plundor. This release gives us one of the more memorable one-off villains from the show for the first time in figure form and I think T4H did a marvelous job with him. The sculpting and coloring here is top notch and while he’s relatively simple, I think he’s undeniably fun and looks fantastic among the other freaks and weirdos on my beloved MOTUC shelves. I’m particularly glad that Matty included him in the Cyber Monday Sale, because otherwise I would have most definitely wound up paying a lot more for him from the secondary market.


Myaaah! Give me that you buck-toothed jack-a-nape! It’s mine!!!!


Silly rabbit! Axes are for Skeletor! 

5 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Plundor by Mattel

  1. Matty has completely lost It ,LOL!I think you make a good point,you really can’t draw the line anywhere with these figures because It’s almost like “anything goes”.I think MATTEL wouldn’t have It any other way 😉

  2. Glad this figure got made as he was featured in one of the best MotU episodes with its theme about pollution. The thing I love about Matty is that it sweetly straddles both the campy silly horse that was Filimation MotU & NAofHeMan and the badassery horse of modern 200x MotU & beyond. I love ’em both with a special fondness for the Lou Scheimer era MotU so Plundor was a must have for my collection. Gosh I really hope we get the Filiation era Cosmic Comet Wizard in the next year!

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