S.H. Figuarts: Sailor Jupiter by Bandai Tamashii Nations

Let’s see… by my reckoning it was way back in November that I last checked in with the Figuarts Sailor Moon line. I made my way up to Sailor Mars and then things just got lost in the shuffle. My pre-order for Sailor Uranos recently dropped and so I thought I’d better get cracking on getting caught up because I currently have two other Sailor Soldiers waiting to be opened. And that brings us to the next Sailor Scout to appear… Makoto. Cue transformation… JUPITER POWER MAKE-UP!!! The addition of Jupiter as the fourth Sailor Scout added another flavor to the ensemble. In addition to Sailor Moon we had brainy Mercury and the fiery Mars and to this we now add a little muscle to the mix. I like Jupiter, particularly her noble sense of justice and her willingness to dive into a scrape when the cause is right, (plus, I remind her of her old Sempai!) but I never quite bonded with her as I did Mercury or Mars. That’s not to say she’s not a great character and I was certainly looking forward to getting her figure on my shelf. I also totally dig the way she calls down the lightning with her antenna and fries her enemies with SUUUUPREME THUNDER!




The package is the same compact little window box that we saw with the previous releases. It’s colorful and each box features a deco that is tailored to the Sailor Scout inside. In this case we get a lot of green. There’s a nice die-cut image of Jupiter on the front that obscures part of the window, but you still get a peek at the figure inside. The rest of the box is littered with pictures of the figure in action poses. Inside, a clear plastic tray holds the figure in the center and a secondary tray holds her extra bits off to the side. As always, the package is totally collector friendly, which helps a lot with keeping track of everything when you’re not using it.



Straightaway, one of the things I love the most about this figure is that it accurately reflects Jupiter’s height. A lot of toy companies would have been happy with a straight repaint of the body and hope nobody noticed, but not these guys. Jupiter stands about half a head taller than Sailor Moon and most of her added height comes from her longer torso. The rest of the costume is similar in sculpt to the other gals, complete with pleated skirt, large bows front and back, ruffled shoulders, and the sailor-style collar. The biggest difference in the outfits is found in the footwear, as Jupiter is sporting a pair of low boots laced up in the front. I really dig how they did Jupiter’s hair with the two loose strands hanging down either side of her face and an articulated pony tail.



The coloring and paintwork on this figure is top notch. You get the same pearlescent white on the blouse and gloves, a striking metallic green paint for the skirt, boots, and collar, and a shimmering pink for the bows. The paint on these figures has been pretty good throughout and Jupiter is right in line with the best of them. I can’t spot any splotches or flubs.




I expect a lot of extra bits with my Sailor Scouts, and Jupiter isn’t one to disappoint. You get a total of five extra pairs of interchangeable hands and three extra swappable faces. Some of the hands are familiar, some are new, and they really do help to hammer home that special pose you might be looking for. The extra portraits include delighted Jupiter, slightly perturbed Jupiter, and shouty perturbed Jupiter. As always, the faces are swapped by removing the front of her hair.


Speaking of which, Jupiter comes with an extra front hair piece that has her antenna extended. It looks great, but it’s not as rubbery as I would have expected. This means it doesn’t warp, but it also demands caution because I can see it snapping rather easily.


And lastly, Jupiter comes with the same style stand we’ve been seeing since Sailor Moon was released. It’s a clear, heart-shaped base with an arm the pegs in to the back. The base is printed with Jupiter’s name and some stars and scroll work patterns, all in green. The arm is hinged in three places and has two little grabber arms. I’m still on the fence whether I prefer these to the peg-in-the-back style that Figmas use, but it’s still a nice, serviceable stand and it certainly comes in handy as it can be tricky to get Jupiter to stand on her tiny feet without it.



Jupiter ran me about $44 on Amazon, which is about average for what I’ve been paying for these figures. Even with four of these gals now on my shelf it still feels like a good value for what you’re getting. The quality is there, she’s got excellent poseability, and all the extra bits and bobs make me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. I was wondering whether I’d get tired of this line a few figures in, since they do mostly share a lot of the same design elements, but so far that hasn’t been the case. I was just as excited opening Jupiter as I was her predecessors and I’m rather anxious to get to the next one.

7 comments on “S.H. Figuarts: Sailor Jupiter by Bandai Tamashii Nations

  1. I was very happy that Jupiter is taller than the other girls… I was afraid Bandai would opt for cost-saving recycling over accuracy. But I have to admit that I was starting to lose some enthusiasm for the line by the time I got Jupiter. I’m still debating whether I need Tuxedo Mask, but I know I’m content with the original five senshi – I don’t need the season two additions to the cast.

    • I’m still on the fence over Tuxedo Mask as well. I did pick up Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. Prolly get Pluto when they finally decide to release her. I’m definitely drawing the line at ChibiMoon, though, so at least I have some willpower!

      • Chibi Moon would be hanging out with Jar-Jar Binks, except that in the years since The Phantom Menace came out, I’ve learned that I don’t need to buy figures of characters that annoy me just to complete a set. 😅

        I probably would have gotten Neptune & Uranus if they cost $20-$25 instead of $40-$45.

  2. Nice review on her, I’m planning to get her if she gets a reissue & I’m pretty sure she will. But, judging from her height I kinda hesitant when I want to pair her with my SHF kamen Rider/Sentai/Dragon Ball series…

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