Figma “Legend of Zelda” Link (Skyward Sword) by Max Factory

Some time ago I got my first Figma figure and I was suitably impressed. I decided why not go for another and that leads me to today’s feature! I actually had Link pre-ordered back when he was first revealed but some budgeting cuts caused me to drop it. I always planned to get him later, but between the figure’s insane popularity and some importing issues he sold out fast and became extremely pricey on the second hand market causing me to write him off. Fast forward to now and he’s had a second release and is readily available at a fantastic price so it was only natural that I would avail myself of a second chance to add him to my collection. Better late than never!


Link comes in a colorful window box, which is a hell of a lot more compact than the one used for my Figam Mikasa Ackerman. Of course, Link’s box doesn’t have an entire set of Omni Directional Gear in there, so that’s understandable. The box features plenty of great shots of the character showing off all his display options and the window lets you see all the goodies quite clearly. Otherwise, there’s nothing terribly exciting about the package. Most of the box is lettered in Japanese, but there’s just enough English there to point out that this is Link from Skyward Sword. I’ll confess I haven’t played that one. In fact, the last Zelda game that I played through to completion was probably on the N64. Try not to take that as blasphemy or to diminish my love of Link. He’s just about as iconic as anything else from my childhood and the look of this figure is versatile enough to work perfectly for me even as a Zelda fan that has lost his way a long, long time ago. Inside the box, you get the figure, a swap-out yelling face and extra bangs, the Master Sword and Shield, a scabbard, a sprue with four extra pairs of hands, a figure stand, a sword-swooshing effect part, and a ziploc-style bag to hold all the accessories.



Ocarina of Time may have been the last serious time I spent with Link and a controller, but this figure represents my favorite look for the character. Yup, Link has to be one of the few cases where I prefer what the character evolved into over the nostalgia from my past. In fact, just looking at it makes me want to finally tear the cellophane off my copy of Skyward Sword and give it a play. This is a more mature Link than what I’m used to, but it doesn’t jump the shark and become too extreme and over-the-top. Nope, this Link is just right and the figure looks absolutely amazing. The green tunic is soft plastic and layered onto the figure, with the upper arms sculpted to look like sleeves. The pliable plastic below his belt gives the legs a lot of room to move. The bottom part of his shoulder rig is part of the torso sculpt, but the strap that actually goes over his shoulder is a seperate piece. He’s got a couple of pouches attached to the back of his belt and all the joints are fairly well concealed for this type of figure. There are two peg holes in his back, one for the stand and one for his scabbard.


Link’s head sculpt is right on the money. He’s still got a very youthful and anime-stylized look, but it toes that line of being more mature than the Link I remember from my youth. The paintwork on his eyes and mouth is immaculate and the fact that the hair is sculpted as a separate piece gives the portrait a lot of depth. There’s even a swivel cut in his cap, which was a very pleasant surprise. The alternate portrait is applied simply by pulling off the face and bangs (always creepy!) and plugging in the new pieces. The differences between the hair pieces is rather subtle to me, but the alternate face is a great feature to have for those action poses.



Link features a fantastic level of articulation which comes from packing rotating hinges and swivels in his arms and legs. You also get generous ball joints in his torso and neck, and even hinges in the toes of his boots.




HANDS! It wouldn’t be a Figma figure without tons of hands. Link comes with his pair of fists attached. You also get a pair of hands with splayed fingers, a pair of relaxed hands, a pair of of hands designed for holding the grip on the Master Sword and Shield, and a pair of hands designed to hold the Master Sword out at an angle. I love the sprue that Figma uses to hold the extra hands and I can’t believe that S.H. Figuarts hasn’t jumped on board with something similar. It’s a great system.



The Master Sword and scabbard are exquisitely reproduced both in sculpt and paintwork. From the subtle painted cross straps on the hilt to the blue hue of the blade and the etched Tri-Force near the hilt, this sword is a tiny little work of art only to be outdone by the ornate beauty of the scabbard. The gold paint used for the fixtures on the scabbard is sumptuous as is the glossy blue used for the sword’s hilt. The sword fits snugly into the scabbard and the pommel pulls off the end of the hilt to help get it into Link’s hand without damaging it. The scabbard features a peg so Link can wear it on his back.





Of course The Master Shield is no slouch either. It features a sculpted reinforced rim, a raised Tri-Force and some immaculate paintwork. The back of the shield features a wrist strap and a hand grip, both of which are pegged into place and can be removed to help get Link to brandish the shield or to have him wear it on his back in conjunction with the sword.





The effect part slides over the sword blade and is made of translucent blue plastic to simulate the swooshing blade. Effect parts… I can either take them or leave them. This one works pretty well and looks good, but I still doubt it’ll spend much time out of the box. And last, but not least, you get the standard Figma stand with the triple articulated arm that pegs into his back and works beautifully whether Link is just standing or jumping into action.




At about $40, this figure was a deal and a half, especially since it was so prohibitively expensive when it was first released. I’m so thrilled that he was eventually made available at a good price and put into wide circulation. This is without a doubt the definitive Link I need in my collection, unless I find a suitcase of cash on the street, in which case I would probably spring for the RAH version as well. This figure looks absolutely amazing and is so hard to put down once I get started fiddling about with him. Sure, you could argue that Figma could have invested more in the accessories to make him more of an all-inclusive Link. They could have at least given him some breakable pottery! But, honestly, with the Master Sword and Shield included, and so beautifully executed, what’s here still feels like a complete package to me.

2 comments on “Figma “Legend of Zelda” Link (Skyward Sword) by Max Factory

  1. Me and my boys recently got on the Nintendo DS circuit and after a couple of Pokemon titles under our belts we delved into the latest & greatest Zelda release. And it doesn’t disappoint. I needed to pick up a $20 strategy guide to keep my 12 year old rolling on Majora’s Mask so all is still good. Just last week I was fondling a $9 Jakks Paciifc Link that I found at Target but the paint was kinda sloppy. This release looks amazing. Did you get it at B&N? Otherwise I’ll look for it when I drop my next BBTS order. Peace!

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