Marvel Legends (Allfather Wave): Iron Fist by Hasbro

Happy Monday and it is indeed a happy one because it kicks off a glorious week of vacation for me where all I will have to do is lounge around the house, read comics, play video games, and obsess over toys. I’m also kicking off a Marvel Week, which marks one of the first themed weeks I’ve done in a long time, although I’ll still be breaking it up on Thursday for Transformers. Anyway, today we’re here to look at the final boxed figure from the Marvel Legends Allfather Series and it is indeed Iron Fist. I’ve been looking forward to getting this guy onto my Legends shelf for a long time, so let’s jump (kick) right in!


The packaging should hold no surprises by now. It’s the simple window box that we’ve been seeing all along. It displays the figure nicely whether standing on a shelf or hanging on a peg, and while the deco isn’t as wonderfully obnoxious as the packaging from the first couple waves of Legends’ return, I still dig it. I truly hope that Iron Fist is going to work his way into Disney’s Marvel plans at some point in time, ideally as a supporting character on the up and coming Luke Cage Netflix series. I’ve been so damn impressed by the Daredevil show that I’d love to see Fist go down this route as well and it seems like the perfect format for the character.



Iron Fist comes in his white and gold outfit, which is probably less iconic to many out there, but I really dig it. The white plastic hasbro used here is great and while the gold does have some of that swirly effect that I’m not crazy about, I’m still very pleased with the way the deco on this guy turned out. The dragon emblem on his chest is a crisp tampo and aside from the head sculpt and the waist sash, there’s not a lot of unique sculpting on this figure.



The portrait here is serviceable, although it doesn’t blow me away. He has a nice firm jawline and the mask looks good, complete with the two tails running off the back where it’s tied on. The black paint around the eyes is clean and sharply applied.




This body strikes me as being from one of the crossovers from Hasbro’s first attempt at Marvel Legends and the articulation is identical to the Yellowjacket figure from that initial wave. That’s mostly a good thing because while it does involve those rather annoying rotating hinges in the hips, you can still get some great movement out of this guy thanks in part to those extra lateral hinges in the shoulders. And let’s face it, Iron Fist is all about being limber! The rest of the articulation includes rotating hinges in the shoulders, double hinges in the knees and ankles, hinges and lateral rockers in the ankles, hinges and swivels in the wrists, swivels in the biceps and thighs, a waist swivel, an ab crunch in the torso, and both a ball joint and hinge in the neck. Nice!




Little by little, Hasbro has been including extra hands in with select Marvel Legends release, but Iron Fist is the first time that I can recall them going full Figuarts on our asses. Iron Fist comes with no less than four pairs of hands and all of them are great. You get a pair of fists, clutching hands, palm strike hands, and karate-chop hands. All of them are easily swapped out with a post and peg method. I’m not usually one to go crazy over extra hands, but in this case they’re definitely adding a lot to my play value.




Iron Fist will definitely be hanging out on my desk for a while because he’s so much fun to pick up and play with and the extra hands really go a long way to make a solid figure even better. He also rounds out what was an absolutely stellar wave of figures. Not only was the character selection great but every figure in this wave was well executed. In fact, I’d dare say I can’t remember a wave of Legends that has delivered this consistantly and that’s coming from someone who is more often then not quite satisfied with this line. But we’re not done yet! Tomorrow I’ll be back to pick all the loose BAF pieces out of my tote and assemble The Allfather himself!

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