Sadly, That’s A Wrap For This Week…

Yeah, I’m going to have to close up shop until at least the weekend.

What began nearly six months ago as some minor renovations has since turned into prime material for Builders From Hell. Back on the week of Thanksgiving, the property management here embarked on a well intentioned crusade to improve the property, which included total renovations to the outside and installing new windows. After a Week of Hell the new windows finally went in, but they left the inside of the new windows unfinished. THAT WAS FIVE MONTHS AGO!!!

They’ve only now come back to redo the frames and that meant I had to pack everything up in my studio, including a sizable piece of my collection to avoid any collateral damage. Most of the work is done, but they still have to come back and paint after the foundation dries. That’s either going to be tomorrow or Thursday. I’ve got enough stuff going on with an erratic work schedule this week (I’ll be pulling at least one overnight), so rather than stress over it, I’m taking the rest of the week off from creating new content.

Hopefully I’ll get everything back together on Saturday and I’ll be able to at least sneak a couple of this week’s planned Features in on the weekend and then get back to business as usual on Monday!

2 comments on “Sadly, That’s A Wrap For This Week…

  1. Good luck with your home improvement projects. Every time I set my eyes on another statue or Hot Toys for my man cave it seems lately I’ve had to back burner for home improvement projects. Few months ago I replaced my leaking hot water heater which was dripping leaking out near my Bowen statues in the backroom. Last month I had a handyman fix a bunch of stuff around the house that had piled up. Next month I gots to get a replacement basement sump pump before my man cave ends up under water. Funny when “real life” intrudes on a man’s serious toy collecting efforts.

    • I hear ya. This kind of stuff is the only thing that makes me glad I rent, because it doesn’t come out of my pocket. On the other hand, doing all this stuff on their timetable can get really frustrating.

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