Marvel Legends (Thanos Wave): Spider-Woman by Hasbro

As The Bangles once sang, “It’s just another Marvel Monday and that’s my fun day!” Or something like that. Yes, today I am closing in on the end of my look at the Thanos Wave of Hasbro’s Mavel Legends line. Spider-Woman is the last packaged figure that I have to open before moving on next week to the Build-A-Figure, Thanos. Sure, these parts are actually doubles of what came with Hellcat, so I could have already built Thanos, but I always save the BAF for last.


Here’s the gratuitous packaged shot. Sorry it’s such a shitty shot, but I bumped the camera and spilled my Jameson. Doesn’t matter. It’s basically the same packaging we’ve seen dozens of times now. If you were here last Monday then you might remember that Spider-Woman shares a slot with Hellcat as the “Ferocious Fighters!” which means that neither characters’ names appear on the front of the package. And like I just said, it also means that if you already own Hellcat that you don’t really need to buy this figure in order to complete your Thanos BAF, and vice versa. There’s been a big “to do” lately about how Black Widow has been snubbed in the Age of Ultron merchandise and a lot of people are making the connection to it being a trend with female figures in general. I’m not saying that’s not an issue, but in fairness Marvel doesn’t seem to have a big problem with getting us other Marvel ladies. In the last couple of waves we’ve had Hellcat, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Girl, two versions of Spider-Woman, and Agent Hill in the SHIELD 3-pack. The Hulkbuster Wave will have Valkyrie and Thundra, and we’re even getting a Legends version of Misty Knight. Seems to me like it’s personal, Natasha.



Out of the package, Jessica is looking mighty damn nice. We get a very shapely female buck with the costume mostly painted on. I feel like the red used for the costume could have been a little more vibrant and crimson, but I’m not hating what we got either. The yellow used for the gloves, boots, and accents really help the figure to pop on the shelf and the black borders are pretty sharp. There are a few minor stray black marks on my figure’s boots and a little visible brush work on her tummy, but otherwise, the paint really sells the costume splendidly.


Hasbro included the plastic web “wings” for under her arms, which was evident from the package shot. What I wasn’t expecting was a pair of collapsed wings as well. That was a nice surprise. These pieces simply tab into the slots on the back of her biceps. The textured plastic pieces have almost a GiTD quality to them, which is very effective, although I kind of miss the heavy handed black webbing pattern, especially since these are rather hard to see against a white backdrop.



The portrait here is a homerun. The lower half of her face is certainly pretty and her lips are well defined and neatly painted. The mask looks great with the large blank white eyes and the hair sculpt is superb and well worth the hit to the neck articulation, at least as far as I’m concerned.




Articulation here is quite good, so long as you can get past those ball jointed hips that require you to work the joint all the way around to attain certain poses. Apart from that you get rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists; Swivels in the biceps and thighs; The legs feature double hinged knees and hinged ankles with lateral rockers. The torso has a ball joint just below the chest and a ball jointed neck with no hinge. Sure, Spider-Woman is a pretty limber gal, and this figure isn’t going to be mimicking any maligned cover art we’ve seen recently, but for a Legends figure, it’s not at all bad.



Considering that I still own very few of my original Marvel Legends, I’m very pleased to be able to put Jussica Drew back on my 6-inch scale shelf. But even if I still had the old Toy Biz figure I think I’d still be quite happy for the upgrade. I don’t think the last version was quite as bad as some say, but then it’s been quite a while since I’ve had in hand and a lot of those figures haven’t aged gracefully. Next Monday I’ll put together The Mad Titan himself and have a look at this Wave’s Build-A-Figure… Thanos!

5 comments on “Marvel Legends (Thanos Wave): Spider-Woman by Hasbro

  1. I have the earlier version of Spider-Woman on my shelf, and this one looks so much better. I can’t wait get my hands on her.

    Black Widow shouldn’t feel too bad. We don’t have a Hawkeye from the movie either. I do have a bit of a problem with that though. We have a lot of Avengers, but we don’t have them all. It should have been the Hulkbuster Wave with the Avengers. Then we would have a team. I will still keep hope that they will fulfill the Avengers team sometime in the future.

    • I totally agree. Hulkbuster Wave should have just given us a solid Age of Ultron team instead of just trickling out Hulk, Iron Man, and Cap like they did.

      I missed out on the first Avengers 6-inch line because the Walmarts here don’t bother to carry their own exclusives so I’ve yet to compile a team from either movie in this scale. It’s a bummer.

      • Oh man. I HATE seeing WalMart exclusives. I can never find them. Of course, I still only have one figure of the Jubilee wave, so Toys R Us isn’t much better.

  2. I thought the Jubilee wave was a myth. I think I saw some of it at Newbury Comics near Boston last year but not all and never again. Yes the ToyBiz Spiderwpman was as bad as they say. ToyBiz dropped the ball more often then not on female characters and the Spiderwpman I had snapped its wrist joint and got thrown out. I was happy to upgrade both Spidey and Hellcat. I love the Marvel hotties and having Bowen statues of both Hellcat and Spiderwpman prompted me to pony up the $20 for both. Once I had a little bit of mad Thanos I WAS ALL IN BABY. He’s awesome. I love my Marvel Select Thanos but the ML BAF Thanos is GREAT.

    • Jubilee as a BAF… what were they smoking? Yeah, I never saw any of those figures. It kills me that there are some current run Legends figures that will never be in my collection. Hell, I’m still waiting on that red Deadpool. 😦

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