Star Wars Rebels: Kanan Jarrus and The Inquisitor by Hasbro

If you’ve been reading FFZ for a little while, or just tried collecting the Rebels 3 3/4″ figures then you probably know that Hasbro has made it quite a chore. I’ve managed to slowly piece together the bulk of The Ghost’s crew and a couple of Stormies and recently I was able to grab two more: Kanan and The Inquisitor. These guys turned up on one of my favorite e-tailers for pre-order so I dropped it in. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had to pre-order 3 3/4″ Star Wars figures to make sure I got them, but hey, we gotta do what we gotta do.


There’s the packaging and I like it well enough. The Stormtrooper helmet as a card is pretty eye catching, but all in all the packages are pretty disposable, and not at all collector friendly. I thought it was only appropriate that I was able to pick these two characters up as a pair since they happened to engage in what was to me easily the best lightsaber fight since The Original Trilogy.


I love this little spot on the back of the packaging and it gives me a laugh every time. The multi-lingual bit where it says “Also Look For” actually sounds like the names of Star Wars characters. Who can forget the adventures of Aussi Offerts? And Busca Tambien sounds like an alien from Jabba’s Palace. Anyway, let’s start off with Kanan Jarrus



I didn’t think I was going to like this character at all, and I’ll concede that he’s still not one of my favorites in the show, but he’s not so bad. This figure, on the other hand, is one of the better ones of the series so far. The detail is good enough to stride the line between animated-retro and modern. I’m particularly impressed with the gun sculpted in the holster and how great the portrait came out. There’s a little paint slop on mine here and there and some of the paint on his butt is scratched off, but he’s a guy that gets into a lot of adventures, so I can just write it all off as wear and tear on his outfit. Kanan comes with his lightsaber, which also sports a very nicely detailed hilt and can be held in either hand.



And then we have The Inquisitor. I can still remember rolling my eyes when they first showed off this guy as the baddie of the show, but I’ll give them credit, he turned out to be a pretty rad villain. And just like Kanan, Inquisitor’s figure is really great. The sculpt captures the animated look of the character design, but still manages to look unusually sharp. The silver Imperial logos on his shoulder armor look great and the portrait is fantastic. Even the painted markings on his face are nice and sharp. The Inquisitor includes his rather distinctive double-bladed lightsaber, which feels a tad oversized for the scale.


Of course, the retro style five points of articulation are the order of the day here. The arms rotate at the shoulders, the legs move forward and backward at the hips, and the heads rotate… sort of. Both of these characters have high collars, which tends to impede the neck articulation. Kanan makes out a little better than The Inquisitor. Up until now, I’ve been pretty happy with the the 5 POA on these highly stylized figures, but this pair is the first that look so good they feel like they need modern articulation, especially since they’re both accomplished lightsaber duelists and without better articulation, you can’t pose them fighting each other with any degree of credibility.




Yes, it feels good to have assembled all the humanoids of The Ghost crew, but there are still those pangs of anger when I see Chopper getting scalped for $35. Maybe if I liked the character I would pony it up to complete the set, but I don’t and so I won’t. There are still a couple more figures in this line that I may grab if the opportunity comes up but right now I feel like I at least sort of got what I wanted out of it. I’ll be interested to see if Hasbro continues this line in this style when the second season of the show hits. Part of me would really like to see them take the opportunity to make amends with fans and get the figures distributed better, but the realist in me believes that Rebels merch is going to be eclipsed by the Episode 7 Marketing Juggernaut.

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