Masters of the Universe Classics: Sssqueeze by Mattel

Another month, another mad attempt to get in the month’s Matty figures before the new one is upon us. It’s doubly hard now that I’ve cordoned off more than half the week to dedicated franchises, so that’s something I may have to rethink. Anywho… this month’s Club Eternia figure is one that I think a lot of fans have been waiting for… Sssqueeze. Yeah, there was also a Quarterly figure this month as well, but I’ll have to get to him next week.


What is a normal sized bubble for most other Classics figures is tight quarters for Sssqueeze as his arms are all coiled up by his sides. Aww, it kind of looks like he’s giving himself a hug. Otherwise, the packaging is business as usual with the lovely Greyskull inspired deco and a bio on the back.


With Sssqueeze out of the package, the first thing I’m going to say is how much I love the coloring on this figure. The green and purple and orange all look amazing together, but I think it’s the beautiful bright green that really shines out in particular. Plus, the under sides of his arms are painted yellow and look like the belly of a snake. You also get some matte grey for his boots and leg armor with some silver gloss paint on the fixtures.


But just because I’m starting out with the coloring doesn’t mean the sculpt here isn’t something special. The scale patterns sculpted into the arms is impressive, as is the musculature in Sssqueeze’s six-pack of abs. I like the barbed fixtures on the front of the leg armor and the sculpted Snakemen logo on his chest armor is nice work.


And the portrait is pretty stellar too. I love how T4H have managed to give each of the Snakemen their own personality. In this case, Sssqueeze is looking particularly vicious with the extra long jaw and rows of serrated teeth. It’s a thing of beauty.



Articulation is the usual fare for MOTUC figures with the obvious exception of the arms. Instead of swivel cut biceps and hinged elbows you get two long pieces of gloriously bendy plastic, presumeably with a wire in there to help them hold their shape. They are capped off with large hands that can easily double as fists and have swivels the wrist bracers. The rest includes the usual rotating hinged shoulders, ball jointed hips, hinged knees and ankles, swivel at the waist, ab-crunch hinge, and ball jointed neck.




Lastly, Sssqueeze comes with a Snake Staff. It’s actually not the same repackaged one we’ve been seeing over and over again. The curled tail makes it look more like a seahorse to me, but then the angular head gives me a Norse vibe, like it belongs on the prow of a Viking ship. Pretty cool.




If there were a running theme to my Snake Men features it would be called “How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Snake Men.” I never cared much for these guys, but Classics has given me a new found appreciation of them with each and every release. Ssssqueeze is certainly one of the goofiest, but I mean that in the most complimentary way possible and I totally dig him. This is one of those figures where Matty was able to work the gimmick into the figure without compromising the aesthetics of the line. Those big arms make him tons of fun to play with and his bright and beautiful colors really make him pop on the shelf.

2 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Sssqueeze by Mattel

  1. My kids were merciless about this guy. I posed him next to our NECA staction Ssssqueeze and they ranted that this guy looked goofy and the NECA staction Ssssqueeze looked awesome. Exactly. Thats the point. And that why I love them both. 4Horsemen are the best!

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