Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Huntress by DC Collectibles

It’s been a little while since I last revisited DC’s Cover Girls , but don’t think that I’ve lost interest. This continues to be a line that I keep on the back burner, but it continues to keep my interest with each new one I grab. I’m quite a few releases behind and I’m glad to see that DCC is being so prolific with these ladies. Today, it’s Helena Bertinelli’s turn as we take a look at The Huntress…


I don’t have a lot to say about the box that hasn’t been said already. It’s typical fare for this line and not terribly exciting. It’s an enclosed box that keeps the statue safe between two slabs of styrofoam and there are some pictures of the statue to give you a good idea what you’re getting. The best thing I can say about it is that it’s entirely collector friendly. There’s no assembly required here, as Huntress comes already attached to her stand and ready for display.



I was real iffy on this piece when I first saw the pictures. I absolutely love the character and tend to buy whatever Huntress merch comes my way, but I wasn’t sold on the composition. She’s got a ramrod straight pose going on while taking aim with her crossbow. The Huntress is a fantastically agile and acrobatic young woman and I didn’t feel that this statue really conveyed the sense of energy and action that I associate with her. Then I stepped back a little and considered the overall theme of this line, which is going for something more akin to museum poses mixed with a little personality and I started to warm up to it a bit.




One thing I can’t deny is that this piece accentuates her beautiful curves. With her legs together and her back slightly arched, Helena cuts a lovely figure and the skin tight suit doesn’t leave much to the imagination. And that’s saying something when y ou consider that this is Huntress’ least revealing outfit in recent memory and that she’s literally clothed from head to toe.



The costume is mostly black with the white cross on her torso and white striping down the sides of her legs. You get purple paint on the boots, kneepads, belt, holsters, gauntlets, and shoulder pads. The cape billows out around her and is painted purple on the back and black on the inside with some white trim.There’s something about a black and purple deco that I really dig a lot. Overall, the paint for the costume is pretty good. The lines on the white striping could be a little more crisp in some areas, but nothing too bad.


Huntress dons her trademark crossbow in her right hand with her left hand drawn up to her neck. Again, it’s not a bad pose, just a lot more reserved then what I’m used to seeing with this character.



The portrait is excellent. Her sculpted hair blows off to the sides and strands pass in front of the ears on her mask. Her mask itself looks great and her face is very pretty. While the lines on the uniform may not be quite as crisp as they could have been, the paint on the face is absolutely gorgeous.


When this line rebooted a couple of years ago, DCC was going with individualized scenic bases, but since then they’ve standardized them into simple ovals and I kind of like it. In this case, Huntress’ base is painted black and purple to match the rest of the statue and has a small dagger emblem etched into it. The bottom of the statue features the statue’s number and the limitation of 5200 pieces.



Huntress is the seventh Cover Girls statue in my collection and I’m continuing to enjoy this line quite a bit. While these pieces retail at around $100, I tend to wait until they hit the $70-80 mark before biting and in that case patience usually prevails. I nabbed Huntress here for just a little under $70 and even though I was unconvinced about her pose, she won me over when I got her in hand.

2 comments on “Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Huntress by DC Collectibles

  1. The execution of this statue looks fantastic. She’s beautiful and well sculpted, her outfit looks great, I like the character from what few comics I’ve read, but the pose is just SO boring!
    I just don’t think I can get past the pose. I’ve only got three of the New 52 Cover Girls statues, and I wanted to like this one, but I don’t think I can justify the cost for such a boring pose.

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