Nothing To See Here, Except Some Admin Stuff…

No new Feature today as I’m using the time to get caught up on my Index of Reviews, which is now about two months behind. I’m going to try to hit the Pre-Order Page too because that thing hasn’t been touched in forever.

Also, with the return of Marvel Monday, I’m going to have to take the other two dedicated days (Star Trek on Wednesdays and GI JOE on Fridays) and roll them into a rotating Friday Feature, otherwise I’ll have too much other stuff piling up. Of course, Transformers Thursday will stay right where it is because it is an unswerving tradition around these parts and you just don’t mess with that kind of thing.

As for Comic Con… I was going to do a list of stuff that interested me, but lists bore me to tears. I will say that I’m really looking forward to seeing what Matty is going to do with the Thundercats license and yes, I’m totally on board with it. Hopefully they can generate the staying power that Ban Dai couldn’t. Also, very pleased to see Mezco still planning on releasing the Mega Scale Tygra so I can at least complete my collection of core Thundercats in that scale. Who could have guessed my two favorite things to come out of the Con would be Thundercats related when the line looked all but long dead!

And that’s all for today. I’ve got Devastator due to arrive tomorrow, so I’ll get to work on what will likely be a three-part Feature starting next Thursday. Lots of other goodies, too, so stay tuned!

By figurefanzero

7 comments on “Nothing To See Here, Except Some Admin Stuff…

  1. Devestator looks massive. I see he’s up for pre-order at Target and BBTS etc. I like it best when I can swing 20% and free shipping from HTS direct though. So if your review pans out I’ll go that route. The Amazon Day sale today was lame. I did pick up Leader class Galvatron for $35 though so that was sweet. I had already paid the long dollar for Leader Megatron. Whats this business about Matty getting the TCats license? I gotta check that out. I love the Bandai figures. I recently got the 8″ scale Tygra and LionO for short money. I got all the Bandai releases. I can’t take much more of Matty so I doubt I’ll venture into TCats. Me and my boys are in the home stretch watching the 80s Rankin-Bass cartoon. Its great but man there were a lot of episodes.

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