Masters of the Universe Classics: Callix by Mattel

If you thought Matty was going to be winding down Masters Classics this year, think again. Not only have they introduced another one of these “mini-subs” but they’ve also rolled out a whole lot of plans for next year. The extra sub for 2015 was a MYP-themed sub-line (or 200x if prefer) with a collection of great looking figures based on characters I do not recognize at all. It’s an odd thing because I own these DVDs and I’ve seen them all. I guess it’s time to run through them again. Anyway, the first figure in this sub is Callix and I don’t have to know who he is to recognize a totally bitchin’ rock creature when I see him.


I’ve got nothing new or interesting to say about the packaging, so let me recount how this was the sub that almost didn’t happen for me. When July rolled around I only got shipping notification for my Club Eternia figure and not this one. I went online to check my subscription and it wasn’t there. I decided that I must have forgotten to sub this one and wrote it off with just a little bit of disappointment. A few days later an email came from Matty saying they couldn’t authorize my card. Of course not, because my bank sent me a new card with that new fangled chip technology and cancelled the old one. Fortunately, Matty held my figures for me and gave me the opportunity to update the card and that brings us to… Callix!


Rock Lords! Rocks that come alive! Oh, that’s a different toy line. But isn’t it odd that apart from those two meteor transforming dudes, Callix here is the first rock creature to turn up in Masters Classics? I have like a hundred of these figures and no rock creatures. I’ve got a robot elephant-head, but nope, no rock dudes. I checked… twice! But that’s cool, because Callix is here to change all that and look damn great doing it.


For what is essentially a gray buck with some rock parts attached, Callix looks amazing. I think he owes most of that to how beautifully sculpted the rock parts are. These craggy bits of plastic match the underlying buck perfectly and feature all sorts of cracks and fissures for an authentic looking chiseled stone effect. Add to that the Horde emblem on his chest and belt buckle and this is one fantastic looking figure that relies on  very little in the way of paint apps to make him work.


I’m particularly fond of the head sculpt, although he doesn’t look particularly evil. Perhaps just ill-tempered? The face carries the same craggy and fissured look as the rest of the rock parts and features a prominent brow, a down-turned slit of a mouth and two beady black eyes. The way his rocky shoulder armor forms a neck guard is pretty cool and I love the somewhat prehistoric look to the Horde emblem on his chest.


Despite the rocky bits, Callix’s articulation is pretty much in line with what we’ve been getting all along. The arms feature rotating hinges in the shoulders, swivels in the biceps, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, feature swivels at hips and ankles, and hinges in the knees. He still has the ab crunch hinge and he has a ball jointed neck.



Callix comes with a rock axe and a rock shield and that’s weird. It would be like me carrying around weapons made out of skin and bone. Gaaah! I’ve just creeped myself out. Both are pretty cool accessories and carry the rock theme in their sculpts and coloring. Of course, this is a member of the Evil Horde and we can’t have him going around without a crossbow, so…



Yeah, the axe doubles as a crossbow. Not sure how that works what with it being made of rock and all, but we’ll just write it off to Eternian magical bullshit.


Callix is exactly what my Masters Classics shelves were missing, a rock creature! Truth be told this was probably the one figure that tipped me over the edge and made me sub this line. I was really looking to start getting out, as this collection has grown way beyond what I had imagined it would be when I started down this treacherous path so many years ago, but I have to hand it to Matty because the figures keep me coming back for more. I don’t think I could tell you the names of more than one other figure in this sub-line, but I have seen most of the them and every one of them looks like a winner. I just really wish Matty would stop raping us so much on shipping.

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