S.H. Figuarts: Sailor Uranus by Bandai Tamashii Nations

Japanese Import Week continues and it’s time to put another notch in my tiara with Sailor Uranus. Yes, I have a tiara and yes, I put notches in it every time I get a new one of these gals! Uranus has been sitting on “To Do” stack for very long time now, so let’s go ahead and give her her due.


After featuring six figures in this series, the packaging should be readily familiar. It’s a colorful and elegantly compact window box that shows off the figure and features a lot of photos of her in action. Most of the copy on the box is in Japanese, but there’s just enough English to keep us western collectors from being too confused. As always, the box is collector friendly and it helps to have somewhere to put all the extra little bits and bobs. I should note that like Neptune, I have very little familiarity with this character as I never had access to the later episodes of the anime when Uranus finally made her appearance. What little I do know comes from reading about the series. One of these days I’ll have to finish it.



Despite knowing so little about the character, I have to say that next to Sailor Mercury, Uranus may be my favorite figure in this series so far. No, it’s not that her outfit is dramatically different from the other gals, but rather it’s probably that blonde pixie cut that’s scratching my itch… metaphorically speaking of course.



The outfit consists of the same pleated skirt and giant bows, front and back. Most of these gals have unique footwear and in this case, Uranus is sporting a pair of very 80’s looking high-heeled boots. You get the same pearlescent white paint for most of the outfit and a very deep metallic blue (possibly purple?) for her skirt, boots, collar, and butt bow. The bow on her front is painted yellow. As always, the paint is pretty much flawless.



Besides a crazy amount of articulation, Uranus comes with the usual bevy of extra bits, including a few that are intended for another figure, which I’ll get to later. For starters, you get three additional faces. There’s the stock face is smiling ever so slightly, two slightly purturbed faces, one with the eyes looking off to the side, and one angry shouty, URANUS PLANET POWER, MAKE UP!” face.



Hands! It wouldn’t be a Figuart without tons and tons of hands. In addition to the usual culprets, Uranus also comes with a right hand designed for holding her Space Sword.


Bandai started something new with the release of Neptune, which is continued here and that’s the inclusion of a set of arms that are sculpted together, in this case crossed in front of her. These are attached by popping the regular arms off at the sleeve and replacing them with these. It’s a neat idea and the pose looks great, but dammit if those tiny little white sleeves don’t try to pop off and get lost almost every time.


Last, but not least, Uranus comes with her Space Sword, which is an awesomely garish sword that looks like something you might win with enough tickets at Chuck E Cheese. I freaking love it and she looks great holding it, especially when she’s unleashing, “SPACE SWORD BLASTER!”


As for those extra bits? Uranus comes with a love-struck face and set of hands designed for Sailor Moon. Yes, this will come in handy when I finally get Tuxedo Mask!


Even after seven figures, I still get a kick out of opening these gals and playing around with them, although it’s also nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tuxedo Mask is out now and I still have to double back and pick up Sailor Venus. Pluto is the one hold out that Bandai has been teasing us with forever and it seems like she’s finally going to be released some time later this year, and that’s where i can finally get off. Nope, no Chibi Moon for me. Super Sailor Moon? Hmmm…. maaaaaybe, but that’s only if my willpower gives in.


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