Masters of the Universe Classics: Mara of Primus by Mattel

As you may remember, last month was a pretty big one for Matty Subbers. My net haul was no less than three figures and a packet of heads. I’ve already checked out Evil Seed from the 200X Subscription and today I’m taking a look at Mara of Primus who hails from the regular Club Eternia Sub, although the character comes from New Adventures. Or at least that’s what I’m told. Truth be told, I have no idea who this chick is.



Nothing new to talk about with the packaging, other then it has the “Galactic Protectors” sticker on the bubble, so I’m going to jump right to the bio in order to edumacate myself about the character. This is the part where I remind you that I don’t need to know who these people are to enjoy their action figures. Unfortunately, there’s nothing here to suggest that she’s a Transformers-Masters crossover so the whole Primus thing is just a coincidence. Also, it turns out her bio is just a bunch of boring stuff about her made up titles and accomplishments and is surprisingly silent about the fact that she uses her hair as a goddamn flail to pummel people with. At least they didn’t name her Hair-Flailia or something like that. Oh, and that reminds me… COPYRIGHT HAIR-FLALIA, SUCKERS!!!


With Mara out of the package, I have to say I’m digging this gal a lot. I get a kind of space-gladiator vibe off of her. Actually, the top of her outfit looks like a proper uniform a crew member might wear on a space ship in a 70’s sci-fi series, complete with high shoulders, some insignia and decorative piping. Below that things just get wild. She’s serving up an ample helping of bare midriff, a spiked bracelet on her right wrist and a purple and gold arm bracer on her left. I like the attention paid to her boots. The gold paint on the armor looks great against the purple, I really love this gold paint, and the buckles are sculpted  on the sides, which is always a great little detail.



And then you’ve got her weaponized ponytail. Mara features a super long braid with a gold band holding it together in the middle and it ends with a spiked ball. I think I like this concept a lot more than it deserves, but I just think it’s ridiculously bad ass, especially for someone who’s an ambassador. You know, just in case diplomatic talks break down, she can club the other diplomats to death with her hair-flail. All kidding aside, the hair looks great. The braid is intricately sculpted and the plastic is soft enough so that she can hold it in her hand to wield it. Personally, I prefer to think she just whips it around with her head.


Speaking of heads, Mara’s got a pretty good looking portrait, although there’s something about her eyes that creep me out. It’s clear they were going for something to match the animation art and let’s face it, the Space He-Man aesthetic doesn’t exactly jibe with the Filmation. I think T4H did the best they could to meld the two and what we got is fine, just a little different.


As for articulation, Mara includes most of what I’ve come to expect from the MOTUC ladies. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, swivels in the biceps and wrists, and hinges in the elbows. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, hinged at the knees and ankles, and also have rockers in the ankles. Mara can swivel at the waist and the neck is ball jointed. The only thing that I’m really missing here is the swivels up in the hips, otherwise she’s pretty fun to play with.




While a hair flail might be enough for some, Mara comes with two additional accessories. You get her pole arm and a shield. The shield is larger than most of what we see with this line. It’s got a gold and purple motif to match her armor and there’s some texturing in the background of the five pointed star. The pole arm features a blade on one end and a spiked ball on the other. The girl is really into those spiked balls. Oooh, I’ll bet that sentence will lead some interesting people to this page off the Googles.




I dig pretty much everything about Mara. The colors are nice, the outfit is an interesting mix, and I can rest easy knowing that far in the future hair-flails will be a thing. Obviously, she’s not a character I was looking forward to, but that’s what I love so much about this line. The figures are great enough to hold their own and I can either consult the bios or fill in the blanks with my own crazy imagination. Plus, my Space Mutant population was really starting to overpower my Galactic Protectors, so I’m sure NA She-Ra, Hydron and Icarus will be happy to have another warrior for their ranks. Damn, I really need to track down that New Adventures He-Man.

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