The Force Awakens Week!

The Phantom Menace toy launch, some 15 years ago, just missed my return to toy collecting by about six months, so I didn’t even notice it was a thing. When Attack of the Clones came out all my focus was still on Transformers, that gateway drug that got me into toy collecting again. Revenge of the Sith, however, was the first time I embraced a Star Wars toy launch as a collector, but still not enough to go hit a Midnight Madness sale. But I was still one of those idiots working a check list to make sure I got all those figures.


And that brings me to The Force Awakens, which is hitting at a time while I’m in full on “all my spare monies go to toys” collecting mode. No, I still didn’t venture out to a midnight sale and I didn’t wait in line at 7am that morning. Thanks to the wonders of the InterWebs I was able to get exactly what I wanted without leaving my desk. I did hit a Big Box later on Friday evening and found that they still had a ton of stuff and after chatting up one of the salespeople there, I found that most of what was missing was because they didn’t get it in the first place. There was no line, and the biggest interest anyone showed was a lady buying about $200 worth of merch, allegedly for her grandson. Granted, I live in an area where the demographics are skewed toward a higher age group, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it.


Anywho, my goal was to pick up the complete set of 6-inch Black figures (I didn’t include Chewie, as the one I already have is good enough for me!) and I was able to get them all from Amazon at regular retail price and they arrived on my door today because Amazon Prime is a wonderful service that includes Sunday Delivery! I’m trying to hold the madness in check, but I’ll likely be picking up some of the 3 3/4″ figures along the way too, so don’t be surprised if I start averaging a Star Wars feature a week.


I’ve got to say my interest in this movie has been slowly coming to a boil, especially over the last few months. I remember well that time before Empire Strikes Back was released and I had a Time magazine that previewed some of the new characters and vehicles and I can recall getting some figures before seeing the movie. It was a great time where my imagination ran wild. Who were these characters? Before Return of the Jedi came out, I conjured up an elaborate backstory for Squid Head when I got his figure only to find out that he was barely in more than a frame of the movie. And I was fine with that, because the character had become special to me. So, yeah, this is an awesome time where I’ve got a handful of figures and can only guess as to what the characters will be like and what role they would play. It’s really bringing me back to my childhood.

So, tomorrow is going to start an impromptu Force Awakens week.  I’m going to go through these figures starting tomorrow, and wrap it up on Thursday, which means Transformers Thursday will be bumped to Friday, and then next week I’ll return to business as usual.


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