Justice League Dark: Constantine by DC Collectibles

Since Force Awakens took up a lot of the week, I thought I’d toss out a bonus feature today. Last week I checked out Zatanna from the Justice League Dark comic and as promised I’m back now to check out Constantine. I’m really pushing through the “To Read” comic stacks on my nightstand, and I’m going to be getting back to this one soon enough, but based on the dozen or so issues that I’ve read so far, it’s a book that I really dig. I’m a big fan of Mattel’s Signature Collection Constantine figure, so I’m interested to see how this one will stack up.


I still think that DCC’s packaging for these figures is pretty “meh.” It’s a simple window box with an extended back equipped with a J-hook. It’s bland and not very exciting, but at the very least it does show the figure off quite well and it is totally collector friendly. I guess that’s something. Also, I don’t feel obligated to keep it.


While I’ve had some differences with Zatanna’s wardrobe in this book, Constantine’s classic look survived the transition to the New 52. He’s still wearing his trusty long brown duster, collared shirt and disheveled necktie, all of which is wonderfully reproduced here for the figure. The coat is the usual vest with sculpted sleeves trick and I think this is one of the better executed examples of that.


The coat is sculpted to splay out at the bottom and it’s cast in very pliable plastic, so it doesn’t impede leg articulation at all. The sleeve on his watch arm is rolled up and the other extends to his wrist. I really dig how the ends of the belt hang off the coat. It adds a lot of credibility to the sculpt. The same goes for the collar, lapels, and the necktie. I can’t come up with a single quibble about Constantine’s outfit. It’s just perfect.


The portrait, on the other hand, gives me mixed feelings. It reminds me of a young, anime-style David Bowie and considering the design history of the character, that’s right on target. This is, of course, the New 52 version, and the characters are supposed to be younger and that’s definitely reflected here, although even in the comic he tends to have some stubble, which is the main place where this portrait is at odds with the character art. The crazy eyes also make him look like a crank junkie. All in all, I prefer the Mattel portrait, but this one is certainly interesting.


Articulation here is serviceable, but there are a couple things missing that I would have liked to see. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and elbows, but sadly there are no wrists swivels. That was a gripe I had with the Zatanna figure too. The legs are ball jointed at the hips and knees, but there’s no ankle articulation. There’s no articulation at all in the torso, not even a waist swivel, but the neck is ball jointed. In hand, the figure is still fun to play with, but it could have been better with just a few added points. At least the joints all feel good, with nothing stuck or fragile.


No acccessories, but that’s understandable. What were they going to give him, a cigarette? Actually, now that I mention it, two of the fingers on his right hand are individually sculpted and rather flexible. I imagine I could make a ciggy out of some rolled up paper and tuck it in there. He does at least have a nicely sculpted wrist watch.




I like this figure a lot. It nails the outfit perfectly and while the portrait is a bit weird, it’s certainly got a lot of personality that lends itself to the character. Somewhere between the Signature Collection version and this one, there’s probably a perfect figure to be had. Either way, it’s nice to have a current version of Hellblazer to stand beside my Zatanna. Sadly, DCC didn’t venture much further into Justice League Dark when it comes to figures. There’s no Deadman or Madam Xanadu. They did, however, produce figures of Pandora and Swamp Thing, both of which I’ll be getting to eventually.


6 comments on “Justice League Dark: Constantine by DC Collectibles

  1. I’m still not convinced with this figure, I have the DC Signature version which is good (only good)… I look this new one on my local collectibles stores, but I never took the decision, the pictures now make me more doubtfully

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