DC Comics Super-Villains: “New 52” Poison Ivy by DC Collectibles

In case you haven’t been checking in on FFZ Fridays lately, I’m doing this whole DC Comics thing, at least until I can get through my backlog of figures and statues, which at this rate will probably take a couple of months. Today I’m looking at another recent release in DC Collectibles’ Super-Villains line, that vixen of vegetation, Poison Ivy.


The packaging consists of the same old window box with the extended back and J-hook so you can swing it on a peg or stand it on the shelf. The villains series features a black box, as opposed to the usual white boxes and the swipe across the front and band on the back are both green, presumably to satiate Ivy’s thirst for chlorophyll. You do get a shot of the figure on the side panel in case you want to line up these packages on a bookshelf, which is always a plus for me, but with space limitations being what they are, I just throw these boxes out.


Call me sacrilegious, but I’ve been mostly OK with the “New 52” character designs, although that’s not the case with Poison Ivy. I find her black leotard covered with greenery to raise too many questions. Does she put on the bodysuit first and then grow the plants on top of it? Are the plants just artificial and part of the costume? And why black? How does that in any way fit the whole plant motif? It’s just a weird design and I’m not sure where the designers were going with it. Why go with this when you can go with something like this. With that having been said, this figure comes as close as possible to selling it to me and that’s thanks to some really solid sculpting and paintwork.


The figure features Ivy’s shapely bod cast in black plastic and with sculpted vines and leaves scattered about in patches. Because she’s wearing a leotard, the placement of the leaves doesn’t have to be as strategic as past versions of the character, but even still I don’t get why they left one breast uncovered. I love how all the greenery is actually part of the sculpt and the paint on the vines and some of the individual leaves is fairly neatly applied. DCC could have easily done a lot of the vines with just paint, so I applaud them going the extra mile.



DCC has delivered on some rather attractive female portraits in this line and that continues to be the case with Ivy here. She’s not only beautiful, but she’s easily recognizable from the panel art, and that’s something that’s not always easy to do when going from 2D art to a fully realized 3D figure. The paint on her eyes and lips is rather tight, as is are the black vines on her cheeks. Wait, black suit with green vines, but black vines on… nah, nevermind. The sculpted hair is equally impressive. It’s a light brown with an effective wash and bits of leaves scattered throughout.



Ivy has a fair number of articulation points. The arms have rotating hinges at the shoulders and hinges in the elbows, swivels in the biceps, but sadly no swivels in the wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, hinged at the knees and ankles, and have swivels in the thighs. There’s no torso articulation, but her neck is ball jointed. But even with all these strategic points, Ivy isn’t a terribly limber figure. The range of movement in the shoulders and hips is pretty limited and the hair renders the neck joint almost useless. No matter how hard I try, I can’t really get any decent poses out of her and while I haven’t had any problems with her joints, I’m not about to risk stressing them.





While definitely not my preferred look for Poison Ivy, this is still a solidly crafted figure. The only real gripe I have here is with the articulation and again, it’s not because the points aren’t there, but rather few of them have any real range of motion, making Poison Ivy one of those figures that is best just standing on the shelf and looking nice. And of course, people who have been collecting DCC and DC Direct for a while won’t be bothered so much by limitations in the articulation. At the original $20, I’ve had this figure in my hand a couple of times and always put her back, but with so many DCC figures hitting the clearance bins these days, I took a second look and at $13, I found I couldn’t resist.


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