Masters of the Universe Classics: King Chooblah

I’ve said it many times. I collect Masters of the Universe Classics more because they’re excellent figures than because of any bonds I have with the characters. Sure, I have nostalgia for the core characters, but when a figure like King Chooblah come along I can enjoy him just as much despite the fact that I have no idea who he is. Chooblah is the latest release in Matty’s Club 200X subscription, which draws from the MYP He-Man Reboot and further proves the point that I need to bust out those DVDs for a re-watch because apparently I remember very little of it.


Yeah, there’s a look at the packaging. Nothing new to say here, other than Choobs really fills out that bubble quite nicely because he’s an absolute beast of a figure. That’s it. I got nothing else. The bio on the back assures me that despite being a shaggy, lumbering snow beast, he’s one of the good guys and even his tagline touts him as the “Heroic King of the Kulataks,” which I presume are other shaggy, lumbering snow beasts.


I know I’ve said it before, but for a line that is winding down, I’m really impressed at how Matty has been going balls out on the new sculpts this year, with Buzzsaw Hordak being the glaring exception. While Choobs here still uses the standard MOTUC torso, and probably a couple of other parts, he’s about as far from the normally proportioned Eternian as you can get. The miraculous makeover is carried out mostly by his animal-like lower legs, his shaggy Popeye forearms, and an extra piece of plastic that’s fitted over his shoulders to give him extra bulk up there. The result is wonderfully unique looking figure that feels totally fresh and new.


Chooblah appears to be sculpted in a blueish-gray plastic and painted over with white wash. The effect gives all that painstakingly sculpted fur a lot of depth, creating a veritable feast for the eyes. There’s so much detail invested into this figure’s shaggy coat that I can’t help but be impressed. Some blue paint for his hands and feet and some gray for his claws complete the beastly details.


The head sculpt is magnificent and oozes personality. Thanks to the big shoulders, Chooblah’s head has the illusion of jutting out of the middle of his chest and giving him a hunched appearance, when in reality the head is just plugged into the neck like any other MOTUC figure. The face features more of that great sculpted fur and blue skin with some darker blue used to accent his nose. He’s got some jagged yellow fangs and beady yellow eyes framed by a set of bushy eyebrows. The portrait is topped off by tribal necklace sculpted onto his chest. Damn, this guy looks great!



Because of his rather unusual body, Chooblah’s articulation mixes things up a bit. He isn’t missing much from the usual MOTUC articulation, but rather adds a couple of points. The arms feature the usual rotating hinges in the shoulders and he has them in the wrists too. The elbows are hinged and he has swivels in the biceps. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, hinged at the knees, and then hinged again where the ankles start. He has a swivel in the waist, an ab-crunch hinge, and his neck is ball jointed.



Chooblah comes with one accessory and that’s his gnarled green staff with a hooked top. There’s wood grain sculpted into it and the hook at the end makes it look rather like a shepherd’s staff to me. He can hold it comfortably in either of his massive claws.



The 200X Subscription has been a real treat. Each and every release has been superb and while it’s short run, and relatively small commitment, certainly favored heavily in me subbing to it, I now find myself wishing that it was running longer. That’s especially the case when I look at a figure like King Chooblah and see how much love Matty is willing to invest in the line. The sculpting and paint on this figure are beautiful and it genuinely looks like Matty spared no expense, even when bringing us a relatively niche character. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bust out those MYP DVDs and get myself back up to speed.

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