Justice League: “New 52” Pandora by DC Collectibles

It’s Saturday, but since I missed posting yesterday, I’ll continue to be faithful to the spirit of DC Friday as I attempt to work my way through the stacks and stacks of DC related figures and statues that have been piling up here. Today I’m checking out Pandora, the mysterious lass who haunted much of the New 52 until her mystery was finally revealed in Trinity War. Part of the Trinity of Sin, she, along with The Question and Phantom Stranger, was cursed to walk the Earth for eternity. I really liked the build up to this story, but the pay off was certainly disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I love me the Crime Syndicate, but this was a real strange way to facilitate their return. Still, it certainly was a surprise.


Anywho… Pandora comes in the usual DCC window box. It’s white with the purple slash on the front and pretty bland. The top flap features the Justice League logo at the top and the window gives you a pretty good look at the figure in case you want to check her for paint quality. Everything is collector friendly and you even get an extended back with a J-hook if you want to swing it on a peg.


Even if I wasn’t intrigued by Pandora from the beginning, I’d like to think that I would still get a kick out of this figure because she looks fantastic. I get a major Dante vibe off of her, you know from Devil May Cry? I think it’s the design of the outfit. The sculpted detail on the costume is excellent, from the button down flap on her tunic to the laces on her high top boots and all the little wrinkles and rumples. The outfit is comprised of layers of very soft plastic, which include the lower flaps of her jacket and the outer cloak.


The cloak bellows out nicely, which allows for a windblown look if she’s standing at ease, but also facilitates some of those action poses. It doesn’t feel at all restrictive. There’s some great texturing in it as well as all the little sculpted stitches. When it comes to paint, Pandora’s outfit doesn’t offer a lot of colors to work with here, but the maroon is certainly faithful to the design and there’s a great black wash to help pick out all the little details.



The head sculpt is also top notch and has some crisp paint to back it up. Pandora sports pupil-less eyes, purple hair and mascara, and her jagged scars on her cheeks. The portrait is rounded out with some high gloss paint for her lips. The hood is technically removable, but the head isn’t completely sculpted in the back, so you’ll want to leave it on.



The articulation here is solid for a DCC figure. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the wrists. The legs feature a T-crotch in the hips, hinges in the knees, and swivels at the tops of her boots. There’s no articulation in the torso, although she does have decent neck articulation, thanks to the hood being separate from the cloak. The only thing I’m really missing here is some lateral movement in the hips. All the joints on my figure were fine right out of the package with no fears of sticking or breakage.




Of course, Pandora comes with her twin automatic pistols, supplied by Marcus Kincaid. She can wield them in both hands and they can also be worn in the functional holsters attached to her thighs. Beyond being decent sculpts, there’s actually some painted detail to the grips and the blue on the sides.


And last but not least you get Pandora’s Box, which is a particularly nice little bit of sculpt right down to it’s three little eyes. Hmm, three… I wonder what that could signify? Yeah, too bad after all that drama it just turned out to be a gateway to Earth 3. I was expecting more.


Who doesn’t dig a mysterious chick in a bad-ass cloak toting dual handguns? Pandora was a cool story hook and a damn cool character who had me intrigued from the get-go. And I’m very happy to say that DC Collectibles did her proud with this figure. She looks amazing, and while I would have liked her to be a tad more limber, she still ranks up there as one of my favorite figures in DCC’s New 52 line up. The fact that she can be had now for about $12? All the better!

One comment on “Justice League: “New 52” Pandora by DC Collectibles

  1. I don’t dig mysterious chicks if their hips are devoid of lateral movement. Call me a lazy lover perhaps, but I don’t want to do all the work.

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