Masters of the Universe Classics: Ceratus by Mattel

Club 200X is entering it’s final stretch, as today I’m looking at the first of the last three figures in this Mini-Sub. It’s been a great ride so far and I can honestly say that every figure has been a winner, even though I have no memory of almost any of these characters. Today is Ceratus, let’s see what he’s all about…


Ceratus comes in the now intimately familiar Greyskull-style package, which we’ve probably seen 100 times by now. His tagline calls him the “Heroic Leader of Sub-Ternia” and his bio identifies his people as the Caligars. I dig the idea of getting more of these creatures as good guys. And yeah, I know, I’ve been saying all along that I’m going to use this Sub as an excuse to bust out my MYP Masters DVDs, and I still haven’t found time to do that. I suck. Maybe I’ll try to get it done before the final figure is released. Anyway, Ceratus comes with his tail detached, so you have to just plug it into his back piece when you get him out of the tray.


Ceratus is something of a lizard-dude, but I think he’s got a lot more of an Orc or Goblin vibe going on with the head. It’s an interesting design and while it borrows heavily from Whiplash, nearly everything that’s reused has been re-sculpted. The craggy, scaled shoulders, for example, have hooked horns added, and while that’s probably the same torso buried under there, the chest piece is brand new and sports some fantastic sculpted detail. Ceratus dons a rather skimpy outfit that favors showing off a lot of well-toned lizard physique. What little he is wearing consists of a blue belt with matching wrist bracers and leather-like flaps that hang down from the belt, sort of like a skirt. The texturing on these pieces is well done and each one features a painted bronze button.



The familiar tail is also re-purposed from Whiplash, but again features some significant changes. Ceratus’ tail ends in a spiked ball, which matches the horned spikes that can be found on his arms and legs. The top piece of the tail that forms his back is also completely reworked, giving him a spiny ridge running down the middle. This is exactly the kind of parts recycling that I can appreciate, especially in a line that’s winding down. Mattel could have probably gotten away with a lot less, but they went that extra mile to give this character a lot of love.


Speaking of love, the head sculpt here is outstanding. Not only does Ceratus sport a lot of personality in that mug of his, but check it out, he’s got real earrings. I’m pretty sure this is an action figure first for me. He’s also got a gold nose ring, but that’s part of the sculpt. The paint here is overall quite good with applications for his exposed teeth and his beady little yellow eyes.


While articulation here is technically the same as any other MOTUC male buck, I find Ceratus’ poseability to be a bit more inhibited than usual, particularly in the hips. I’m not sure if it’s the skirt or something with the sculpt up there, but I can’t really get a lot of movement out of his legs. The rest of the points are all there and he has the additional point that allows his tail to rotate side to side.


Ceratus comes with a single accessory, which is a very tribal looking bone mace. I’m assuming this is a weapon and not just some kind of ceremonial staff. Either way it looks like it would do a lot of damage if you hit someone with it. I dig this piece a lot as it’s obviously supposed to be made out of bone, but it’s got a rather alien look to it, reinforcing that it was crafted from the bones of some unknown Eternian animal. Very cool!



And so, Ceratus is yet another release that makes me very happy that I went for the 200X Sub. This guy is loaded with personality and features a great sculpt, sensible reuse of parts and a great paint job. These figures have been great additions to my Masteres shelves with each one packed with personality and featuring a healthy dose of new sculpting. Indeed, when put into the context of the regular Club Eternian releases like Buzzsaw Hordak, I’d say that this Mini Sub is where it’s all at right now.

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